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One in ten gay Christians bullied by other LGBT people because of their faith

Thu 28 Jun 2018
By Marcus Jones

Gay Christians are increasingly likely to face discrimination or poor treatment by others in the LGBT community because of their faith.

A new report by gay rights charity Stonewall has looked into the bullying that LGBT people face from those within and outside of their community.

It also found almost a third of gay people of faith take part in a faith activity at least once a month.


Tracey Byrne, CEO of One Body One Faith, a group supporting gay Christians told Premier she's not surprised by the reported hostility.

She said: "It's a complex one but I think it reflects members of the LGBT community projecting onto people of faith their own concerns and anger at the established church.

"I think a lot of people in the LGBT community don't understand why we hang in there after watching the way we're treated."

Stonewall has launched its 'Come out for LGBT' campaign after finding many LGBT people are hiding their sexuality from their faith community.

A third of lesbian, gay and bi people of faith (32 per cent) aren't open with anyone in their faith community about their sexual orientation while one in four trans people of faith (25 per cent) aren't open about their gender identity.

Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive, Stonewall UK, said: "To truly work with and for all LGBT communities, we have to be an active part of the solution to many of the issues outlined in this report.

"Our 'Come Out For LGBT' campaign is all about being visible and doing something to stand up for others.

"This research shows just how much those voices are needed if we are to get to a point where everyone in our community is included as an equal.

"It's only by working together that we can create a world where all LGBT people are accepted without exception."

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