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Thank you for helping keep a strong Christian voice reaching across the UK

Never has our nation needed Premier’s strong Christian voice more than it does today – to keep proclaiming the hope of Jesus to our nation in these difficult days.

Through your gift you will help ensure Premier stays strong to reach into hearts and homes with the Gospel of hope… reaching more people like Marcia, who said…

Premier has been a constant in my life. When so much of life everywhere is so uncertain, at times it has been the only familiar voice, a tremendous comforter leading me in this spiritual journey. I thank you all for your faithfulness and your dedication. God bless Premier.

On behalf of people like Marcia, thank you for your gift below.

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Because this Gospel outreach can only continue through your generous support, please send your gift using the donation form or by phone on 08000 74 77 77. Calls are free from mobile phones and landlines.

“I started to see that God was using Premier to impact my life, and I wanted to give back. It’s so important to keep this ministry going… for our growth and for God to keep moving in other people’s lives.”