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Testimony (3)

A life so different…


”Before I went to prison, I had no faith at all. I had mental problems and tried to take my own life by making a noose out of my ID strap. I put one end around my neck in my cell and fell off the bed, but at that very moment, a prison chaplain entered the room and cut me down and put me on ACCT (Assessment Care in Custody and Teamwork). He checked on me a few days later and chatted with me for half an hour. He suggested that although I had no faith I could come to Chapel as a way of getting out of my cell, and so out of respect for him for saving my life I went and kept going every week. One Sunday he asked me if I wanted to do the Alpha course, the sessions went by and I got really interested in what was said and on the last day the two chaplains prayed for us one at a time. That night I went to bed and gave my life to God and the next day I woke up and my life was so different. I weighed 42 stone and had a 68-inch waist with two walking sticks and 20 tablets a day. But the next day I got rid of my sticks and refused to take my medication. I now never miss Chapel (apart from Covid) and I always listen to the Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise which has helped get me through my sentence.”

– Jecinter Firth

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