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A vital year-round service

Currently, Premier Lifeline operates 15 hours per day, 7 days a week throughout the year and has 140 volunteers supporting thousands of people a month who are in need. In a year we expect to answer around 78,000 calls from people in need.


hours every day




Calls per year

Premier Lifeline is committed to offering a first class service and in the past has achieved the quality standard awarded by the Telephone Helplines Association and the Mental Health Helplines Partnership.

“I needed someone to talk to, listen to me, and be there for me at my time of need”

“I wanted a friendly voice that was patient and understanding, not giving advice, being critical or condemning, but just willing to listen”

“I didn’t know where to turn”

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Thank you for choosing to support Premier.

Through your gift you keep a strong Christian voice reaching people across the UK by helping them put their faith at the heart of daily life and bring Christ to their communities.

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If you need a listening ear call our confidential helpline on 0300 111 0101

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If you would like more information or if you would like to get involved with Premier Lifeline visit our dedicated site.
Premier Lifeline is open 9am to midnight every day of the year. Our telephone number is 0300 111 0101 (Landline Rate – included in call packages where landline calls are included). If you would like someone to talk to and pray for you, give us a call.
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