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Hearing God’s voice in the shower – Andrew’s Story

In the summer of 1996, Andrew was taking a shower when he suddenly heard a voice. Andrew believes that on that day he received a prophetic message, and that message has stuck with him ever since.

Shower Water Fall

When Andrew and his wife found out they were pregnant they were overjoyed, but 21 weeks into the pregnancy the scan results that followed were shocking. Doctors told Andrew that the child ‘was not viable’ and that there was no sign of life. However, Andrew clung to the promise he felt God had spoken to him in that moment in the shower months before.

Remarkably, the foetus continued to grow and several weeks later Imogen was born. Doctors warned that the chances of survival for baby Imogen were extremely low.  Years later and Imogen is now a bright, bubbly, and healthy young woman.

Here Andrew reflects on God’s provision and presence over years of hardship and uncertainty.

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