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Be inspired by Christian stories

More stories to help you grow your faith, testimonies on how Premier makes an impact

‘Certainly since retirement, I’ve listened to Premier Christian Radio nearly all the time. And I have found Premier Christian Radio to be a source of sound biblical teaching, really good Christian music, some wonderful testimonies, particularly since my wife died two years ago’


‘I feel like God used Premier Christian Radio and other things to lead me back to Faith. So since then, I’ve really been hungry for God, and I’m a Christian now, which I would never believe before that could be the case because I was so against it. So that’s kind of my story.’


‘Premier Christian Radio has been so important to me on drives to visit my parents, both of whom were poorly and living over 150 miles away. I have often been feeling very worried or anxious or tired, but I’ve heard the Lord speak to me and encourage me over those hours… The teachings been fantastic, and often I’ve heard just the right thing I’ve needed to hear.’


Help shine the hope and joy of Jesus into hearts and homes across the UK.

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