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That there are so many encouragements and so many positive testimonies is because of your prayerful and financial support and because God’s Holy Spirit has taken our efforts, blessed, multiplied and used them to speak into the lives of so many, despite all the challenges of recent years.

‘I heard a song I remembered from my youth’

Sarah Sedgwick rediscovered her Christian faith through Premier Christian Radio. Despite being gay and initially resistant to the idea of church, she felt a consistent pull towards it. This spiritual journey led both Sarah and her partner to commit to Christ. Sarah later founded Transformed Ministries in 2019, a charity assisting people with same-sex attraction in their relationship with God.

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Premier on the road

I’m an HGV lorry driver so I listen to Premier Christian Radio most days whilst I’m in the truck.

I listened to some words that pastor Judah read out on air a couple of days ago and it brought me to tears. Everything the pastor said summed me up and so as I drove up the M40 I found myself praying the prayer of re-commitment that he read out. I’ve been a believer for a very long time but I’ve also had years of drifting in and out of church.


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Keep my eyes above the waves – Rosamunde’s story

In 2012 Rosamunde received the most shocking news. Her daughter who was living overseas, had been secretly battling cancer.

Within a week of finding out the news, Rosamunde found herself praying by the side of her daughter’s hospital bed as she suddenly took her last breath.

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Bringing hope direct into people’s homes

Post covid, there have been increasing challenges. Many are finding their finances have been squeezed with rising mortgage rates, and higher prices in the shops and online. Many food charities report that food banks are more needed then ever.

Local churches are needing wisdom on how to navigate an increasingly challenging cultural environment. Christianity is no longer respected in the way it once was.

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Everyday Premier touches lives bringing hope and inspiration

Premier Praise is a lifeline for me.

“The worship, prayers, Bible readings and commentaries are so helpful, particularly as I am coping with depression and anxiety at the moment, and living on my own. It is like another family member.”


When the outlook is bad…

“Having Premier Praise on helps me to focus on God’s grace when I’m feeling particularly bad. As Louis Giglio from Passion City Church in Atlanta said “when the outlook is bad, try the uplook.””

Jon, Peterborough

Always blessed

“Thank God for Premier Christian Radio, always blessed to listen in. I was also blessed and encouraged by the kindness of the staff at Premier Christian marketplace for helping me resolve an order issue. God bless you all and continue to strengthen your ministry in Jesus name”

Lizzydami, Mansfield

Praise God

“Premier has impacted my life in so many different ways.
They talked about the tithing, Holy communion, Easter, The resurrection of Jesus Christ etc. The sermons, the Gospel music, there is always something going on which brings me more understanding about the Great God I serve. Praise God.I really thank God for Primer Radio. ”


Our prayer is that God is the centre of all that Premier is and does.

Without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit touching our radio programmes, print and online articles it is mere words. We are so grateful that we have an army of 492 prayer supporters who stand with us and pray to God asking him to take our efforts and transform them through the power of the Holy Spirit into life-changing impacts.

Stories of hope from the regions and nations throughout the British Isles

In the past year Premier have continued to prioritise more people and resources into strengthening our regional content gathering. New staff have been employed who live in Northern Ireland and Scotland, while our North of England and Midlands Regional Reporters have been busier than ever despite all the restrictions of lockdowns.

Premier Guy With Phone

Premier Lifeline listening, praying and fostering hope

In the 12 months to March 2024, our amazing Lifeline volunteers have answered over 23,000 calls.

Every weekday from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) people can phone 0300 111 0101. Between April 1st 2023 and March 31st 2024, we answered 23,390 phone calls, which lasted for a total of over 400,000 minutes, which is nearly 7,000 hours. Or to put it another way, Lifeliners listened, cared and where requested, prayed for an incredible 278 days!

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Why is your support so crucial to the work of Premier’s ministry?

Did you know that 64% of our funding comes from gifts, donations and legacies?

Premier is a supporter enabled charity, we need Christians across the UK to stand with us in this God-given mission and every pound received by this ministry is used to expand our reach through all our outputs.

With your support Premier makes a real difference to the lives of over 2.2 million people every month on their spiritual journey, and reach out to those who need to hear the life-saving message of Jesus.

Thank you for sharing our passion to make Jesus known through the work we do, the tens of thousands of stories of lives changed are testimony to the difference we are making day in day out.

A voice of hope into homes, cars, mobile phones and smart speakers

As well as listening to one of our three radio stations through conventional radios, Premier is available to listen to on smart speakers like Alexa, from mobile phone apps, on the Internet and via Freeview. Listening to a favourite show via a Podcast continues to grow with a massive five million downloads in the past 12 months.

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