HM Queen Elizabeth II

21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022

At 6:30 pm on 8th of September 2022, the world learned of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Our Sovereign Queen and Defender of the Faith died after a lifetime’s service to God and her country. We give thanks for her life and pray for her family at this time and invite you to share your tributes and prayers of thanksgiving for her life, faith and service.

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Tributes and Prayers

To King Charles And All The Royal Family May God strengthen you and your family! Please Accept My Sincere Condolencey for your great loss. We will all be praying for you and your family until this time of suffering and sadness is over. May God give you the strength to overcome this loss.


Thank you God for the life and witness of our gracious Queen Elizabeth. We give thanks for 70 years of service to this country and the Commonwealth. May we follow Her Majesty's example in our lives and live for you. We also remember her family in their grief and lift up to you King Charles III, may he follow the example of Her Majesty. Amen

Isabel, Manchester

My mother once got the privilege to see the trooping of the colours, as I recall she was very impressed with the professionalism and the constant timing and accuracy of the whole event, sadly she passed away untimely and was only 60yrs old when she died, it broke my heart and I was unable to heal for a very long time, I am now a follower of Christ and know that my new found faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings have helped me tremendously throughout my life to date, I know my mother and my father would of been very sad too hear of her passing if they were alive today so on behalf of them and All my family and loved ones,, I offer my condolence to the new king Charles, as I know how hurt he must be feeling and all of the royal family, trust in the Lord! and he will heal your hearts and your hurts, there`s is no hurt that Jesus cant heal ! God bless you mam, and may you rest in the arms of Jesus Amen Tim

Timothy David Fullman, Colwyn Bay

Thank you Father God for our departed Queen. I honour the love dedication and service she gave for us all. We remember her with love and affection. I pray for the whole royal family for strength comfort and peace Amen

Tracy, Welwyn garden city

I thank God for the long life of our late Queen Elizabeth 2 . For the family of the my prayer is that God of all comfort to give them peace and stremgth to face the life ahead with boldness and truth of Christ Jesus. May her soul rest in peace.

Moses, Oxford

I give thanks and praise for a wonderful servant of God, and sister in Christ, who upheld the principles of the Christian faith. Queen Elizabeth II was an inspiring example of tenacity, discipline and surrender to Christ in the face of many challenges over the years. As Queen, she expressed the pure and simple wisdom of God, and gave her life generously from a huge heart of love. She expressed obedience and embraced the willing faithfulness of God for us all to the last. We give thanks to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit for her steadfast reign in this life. Amen.

Lesley, Udimore, Rye

I praise God for a wonderful Christian Queen who has served God and us so faithfully all her years . Yes we shall meet again if we believe and follow in Jesus as our Queen did . Hallelujah

Philippa, Exeter

The Queen's faith has encouraged us as it shone out of her simile and Christmas messages, during a time when it has appeared that the country has become more secular and is losing its way. It is more remarkable that while everyone around her bowed and honoured her, she had the humility to bend her knee to the King of kings, our loving Saviour. I am pleased for her that she has finished her race here strongly, and has entered her eternal rest.

Simon, Nottingham

To hear Queen Elizabeth declare that her anchor in life was Jesus and that she tried to follow His example was wonderful and encourageď many I'm sure.

Denise, Andover

Heavenly Father, I thank you for providing our country with such a good and faithful queen, to you and to her subjects. I pray Queen Elizabeth is in your loving arms Lord. Amen


The queen was inspirational because she kept her vow to serve the nation for 70years! She’s now with her beloved husband, parents and sister. May she rest in peace

Linda, Boston

I know Lord that your greeting to our late queen was "Well done my good and faithful servant". May you guide our King Charles III, giving him wisdom, discernment and compassion. Comfort him and the rest of the royal family with the knowledge of your faithful love. In Jesus' name Amen

Alan, Hatfield, Herts

Windsor 19.09.22 Dear Queen Elizabeth The event of your passing took us all by surprise. We thought that you would stay around a little longer. No one is ever ready to lose someone like you. I have always secretly admired you but now I know that I really loved you very much. I wish we had met, but I am sure we will one day in eternity. Now you will not have to worry about anything any more, but do watch over us. You know what we are like, very much in need of a guarding angel. Rest in peace dear Queen, we should all miss you very very much. From your servant In Christ Vitalia

Vitalia Badiali, hounlsow

Elizabeth II lived out her faith day by day and kept her extraordinary vow to serve others to the end of her very long and fruitful reign. Her life was grounded in prayer and we thank you God, for her amazing example.

Elizabeth, Buxton Derbyshire

My Dearest Queen Elizabeth II, Thank you for your devotion to the people of the UK and Commonwealth, Thank you for your devotion as the head of the Church of England, Thank you for accepting the roles of Queen and Head of State, Thank you for all that you were and all that you are, I truly wish you Peace and Love, and I hope you knew how much we, your people loved you, Our Queen. You will be missed, I will miss you. Love and Peace, Kerry Jones

KERRY, Telford

I praise and thank you Lord God for the life, service and faith of our Beloved Queen Elizabeth II. What she had not been able to say of her faith in life, as her Majesty, she has said through her funeral. May You, Father, continue your work through His Majesty King Charles III. Amen

Julie, Watford

Thank you your Majesty, for your 70 years of service to your people. I thank you Father God for our beautiful Queen’s wonderful life & her love for you Lord. You will be so sadly missed Ma’am, your love & care knew no limits. Rest in Peace. Praying for the Royal family & all who loved you, God save our King.

Sarah, Redditch, Worcestershire

Thank you for your good example and I pray you can help your son follow your example. Rest in peace.

Christopher Charles Creighton, Newton Aycliffe


[email protected], Prestwick

I believe the Queen Elizabeth is the daughter of God. He gave a long life to her. God gave His LOVE to her so she spread to others, not only to her country but also to the world. I am very happy and proud while i came to UK. Y2020, and Y2021. May God save the people thru her ministry. May people see Jesus thru her, even she's gone now. To God be the GLory, Amen

Mona, Jakarta

Thank you, Ma'am for your life of dedication and service, but especially for your witness to Christian truths.

Dorothy, Durham

How characteristic of our Queen to be so forwardlooking in her detailed planning of yesterday's funeral service. She has never been afraid of declaring her Christian faith in public, when the time was right, and even after her death her witness continued in the wordings and hymns she chose the service. Thank you, Lord, for inspiring Queen Elizabeth in her faith throughout her life, always looking to serve others, and keeping a smiling face which we will always remember. Amen

Michael, Witham, Essex

I thank the queen for her inspiration as a mother and Christian woman. At times I have looked to her lead for her strength and faith as I have faced difficult times. Father, I give thanks that you have lead and guided her. I pray for King Charles that he will seek you in the years he will spend as king and also for Prince William and his family. Amen

christine, Flore

Giving thanks for a wonderful woman who lived every day for her Lord . We pray that many will turn to the Lord through her clear testimony to her personal testimony

Jess, Glasgow

Dear Lord thank you for the life of our precious Queen Elizabeth, now with You in Glory. Please anoint King Charles faith to be his foundation and strength and help him lead our nation with stability and wisdom.

Judy, West Kirby

Dear Lord thank you for the life of our precious Queen Elizabeth, now with You in Glory. Please anoint King Charles faith to be his foundation and strength and help him lead our nation with stability and wisdom.

Judy, West Kirby

We thank God for Her Majesty for her steadfast love for God and for her subjects. May her soul rest in perfect peace

Sylvia, London

Thank you Lord for the life of our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II, for her selflessness and example. Please bless her family and help them to come to love and know you as she did. Amen

Beth, Salisbury

Ma'm -I am privileged to be married to a Brit. I thank God for your life...& for your love for God & openly declaring your dependence on Him. To you family I give: Zephaniah 3:17 "The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing." & I pray this especially for King Charles God save the King!

Alida, Pretoria, South Africa

Thank you for your Christian witness. And your example.

Jim, Dunblane

Early in every New Year it was my privilege to write to our Gracious Majesty,Queen Elizabeth the 2nd,always thanking her for her Christmas broadcast.It was wonderful to hear her declare her faith in our wonderful Saviour. May we never forget the last lines in her last Christmas message. " The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Him tonight". Keep up with your ministry Premier, declaring like our late Beloved Queen that our Saviour is always ready to help us with our hopes and fears.

Janice, Bristol

I thank The Lord for a life well lived in service to God and to the peoples of the UK and Commonwealth. I pray that the death of our Beloved Queen will cause many to think of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He truly is our only hope in life and death.

Christine, Stowmarket

I always had great respect for the Queen and was proud that she was Queen of Canada as well

Deborah, Saskatoon. Sk

An incredible day of British pageantry and pomp, that drew the attention of the world. Then the Queen’s final gift: “we’ll meet again” for her hope was in Christ who saves us and promises resurrection. In her death she has probably reached more people with her positive message of hope than she ever did in her life. And she has possibly given the monarchy in the UK a new lease of life!

Geoffrey, Hartley Wintney

Thank you Father God for the beautiful, kind, compassionate and Christian woman, Queen Elizabeth Ii. Thank you that she had the courage and obedience to speak out about Jesus Christ our saviour. She completed so very many good works during her time here including building bridges to better relationships, and because of her faith and belief in you, she will be with you in heaven and we will indeed all meet again. I pray for all who are mourning. I pray that you please comfort and strengthen those who are grieving. Please let Queen Elizabeth's steadfast faith, and the readings and hymns at her funeral, touch unbelievers and draw them to you, the truth. I pray that King Charles can carry on where our beloved Queen left off and that you will cover him with your grace and furnish him with the wisdom and ability to profess that Christ Jesus is indeed the way, the truth and the life. Please surround our new King with your love, care and protection as he steps into his new role as head of state. Thank you Lord.

Nel, Bath

Thank you so much ma'am for leading by example and setting good precedence. Continue to rest in the blossom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ma'am 🙏🏾.

Motolani Adewale-Ajayi, Braintree

O God our Loving Father. Let us give thanks for the long life of the Sovereign Queen Elizabeth of seventy years as monarch. For her loving kindness to us all of this nation and her travels around this country and other countries. Let us give our hearty gratitude for her speaking to the nation on Christmas Day on the television. She honoured all the prime ministers and for making Elizabeth Truss the new prime minister of Great Britain two days before her passing on. May she now rest in peace in thy unfailing love, through our thy Son our Lord and our Saviour Jesu Christ, Amen

Stephen Blasby, Richmond Surrey

My condolences to The King Charles 111 and the Royal family. May the soul of her Majesty rest in peace and may God continue to comfort, strengthen and bless the King

Eric Ntorinkansah, Edmonton, Enfield

Thank you for being our Queen and serving us all these years may Your reward be great in the heavenly courts.

Rachel, Welwyn Garden City

Thank you Lord for the faith, witness and service of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. Praying that her family may know your love and comfort especially at this time.

Elizabeth, Canterbury

HM Queen Elizabeth II, thank you for all your hardwork and service to our nation. Praying for the Royal Family at this sad time.

Michael, Coventry

Many of us today are saddened by the exit of a great Woman of virtue, a Matriarch and above all Her Royal Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and of the Commonwealth of Nations. We are a nation in mourning, we grieve because it is the end of an era. Her Royal Majesty was a towering figure above many people living in the world today. She was a perfecter of soft power who used opportunities well to deflate tensions everywhere and staying calm and collected even in trying times. She will be greatly missed, and our thoughts are with her family. We pray that her gentle Soul find rest with her Maker. AMEN

Mike Angley, Birmingham

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, was the Greatest Monarch Humanity had ever known! During her 70 years of reign, mankind realised its most rapid advancement of the last 4000 years, in all areas of human development! Queen Elizabeth was my Hero, My Legend, My Mother from God! Let Her Spirit be returned to the Almighty, and let her works continue to govern humanity, on the path of enlightment unity and unconditional love and respect!

Peter T. Elliott, COULSDON, Surrey

Thank you for all you have done. May the good Lord receive your soul in glory. Rest in peace

Juliana, Bath

Our Heavenly Father. We thank you for the wonderful life and testimony of Queen Elizabeth. We pray that many will turn to You because of her faith, as they seek to find out what made her the strong and kind woman she was. Turn the hearts of many nations to you we pray. Amen

Ruth, Hythe, Kent

Than you your majesty for your amazing example of dedication, integrity and service to this country. You will always be forever in our hearts.

Jenny, Horsham

God our Father, let us commit Queen Elizabeth ii to thy everlasting love. We give thanks to thee for her glorious life in Great Britain and Ireland. For kindness to this country and the commonwealth and other countries. Now may she rest in peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen

Stephen Blasby, Richmond Surrey

Since the Queen died, I thank God that she sees her Lord and Saviour face to face. My abiding memory of Her Majesty was after Diana died. People were clamouring for an address to the nation The Queen could have done that. However, instead, she prioritised caring for her grief stricken grandsons, William and Harry. I've experienced the grief of my mother dying too, when I was eighteen.

Marian, Leicester

A true remarkable Queen.. Thank you for service all the Glory belongs to God you were perfect x

Natasha Smith, LONDON

Thank God for late Queen Elizabeth II who lived a honourable lifestyle as a true child and servant of our Heavenly Father. Knowing that side of her comforts and gladdens me as a believer of Christ. Her death preaches a message all over the world that being a world icon should embrace Christ and be a believer. I have been encouraged and hope many would take her final moments to believe truthfully so they leave worthy legacies after life. I am applauded she moved too many lives at death and is widely loved and respected. Though I have never met her, its a privilage to be in United Kingdom during her reign and experience her rulership, Rest in Christ loving arms. And thank you Premier Radio for all the updates which is how I learnt about late Queen's Faith and her love for Christ. I also Pray God continue to provide you with all the resources you need to keep broadcasting always amen.


I and my family send our condolences for the loss of our Queen Elizabeth 2. To the Royal family and our King Charles 3, your mother, grandmother and great mother we mourn with you. May her majesty smile bring light & life to your heart's when the days are sad. May good memories & joy of service to God and nation keep you in good stead. May her majesty Rest in peace and rise in Glory to the praise to God the Father in Heaven .


We Thank God for the countries of the UK to be served by Queen Elizabeth II. Her faith had kept her in every way and touched so many lives young and old. She was a blessed woman truly of our Lord Jesus Christ. May her legacy live on in Jesus Name. Amen.🙏🙏🙏♥️

Ernestina, Croydon

My Mother and Father were visiting friends in Windsor Great Park and were in their front garden, gardening in the early 1950’s . The Queen trotted past alone on her horse and stopped to chat with them asking what sort of bulbs they were planting. This shows that throughout her life she had a love and interest for everyone. Now she rests in glory . Thank you God for her reign and life.

Keith, Bedford

Such a beautiful lady with brilliant smile , body shape and good knowledge. Love to Love will shine with her life to heaven. God will bless her to protect her health condition. Sadly all have to say fantastic goodbye to her.

Henry Ekeke, London

We pray & give thanks for the late queen I will carry & take inspiration & respect always my grandchildren will come to learn how the queen has served with dignity love & understanding of the people rip queen Elizabeth

Paula, London

Lord, we thank You for the life of the Queen and for her boldness to declare You publicly as her Master. We pray for her legacies to remain evergreen. We pray for God’s wisdom for the new King and peace in the royal family. Lord, we pray for the nation to remain in the love of Christ in Jesus’ name.

Casey, Welling, Kent

Rest In Peace your Majesty And thank you for your service.

Esther Foh, Manchester

We give You, O LORD, the praise and thanks for the way You have sustained Queen Elizabeth day by day throughout her long reign. There must have been many wonderful times and equally many tough times, but she never failed to pray and follow You. Now as she is laid to rest we pray that she is already rejoicing in Your Presence ..... and joyfully dancing with a new-found freedom!

CYNTHIA, Brockenhurst

Her Majesty sleeps in Jesus, awaiting the resurrection (John 11 v 25). She will always remain in the deep mystic chords of our nation's memory.

Martin, Oxford

Thank you Lord for the life and service of your servant Queen Elizabeth. Thank you that hers was a life full of faith and public declaration of your sovereignty. We pray for all who grieve that they might find you in that grief. We pray especially for the royal family who have to grieve in public. May many come to know you as a result of one who has finally cast her crown at your feet. Amen.

Janice, London

Dear God thank you for blessing us with Queen Elizabeth.What a wonderful example she was not only in ruling her people but the way she lived her life and the faith she had in you.God give her rest now and may she know the glory of being truely home.

linda, york

Thank you ma’am. For your service to God. I heard , saw and followed Jesus Christ.

Selvaratnam, West Drayton

Thank you Lord for giving us Elizabeth 2nd as our queen. Thank you for her sense of duty, wisdom, compassion and above all her Christian faith of which she spoke out. We pray for the UK and the royal family.

Carol, Reading

Loyal defender of our faith, she served the King of Kings. We will meet her in eternity in His royal palaces. We give thanks for her life, her service and her very great example. Thank You Lord.

Jo, Driffield

Father God, thank You for answering the prayers of our hearts to save our gracious Queen Elizabeth, to give her a long life and to enable her to reign over us for such a long time. Thank You for giving us a Queen who honoured You and proclaimed You as her Saviour. I thank You, God for the wisdom You gave to her throughout her life. May the world see that this was all because of You and the gifts You gave her. Please have mercy on us as we move into this new era, and may you save King Charles too. Thank You, Lord.

Fiona, Harlow

God Bless Queen Elizabeth II God Save the King


Thank you Queen Elizabeth 11 for your selfless service your family to our country the Commonwealth the world Rest in peace forever

Alison, Wimbledon

God Bless our noble Queen, truly "victorious, happy and glorious" as she long reigned over us with steadfast dedication, love and humanity. Courageous, strong and gracious to the very end, she made me feel proud to be British. The world is diminished by her loss. No country could have had a finer queen. From my early childhood she was a constant in my life, a reminder of true chivalry and devotion to duty. A fine example of all that is best in humanity and utter diplomacy, we may never see her like again. God Bless her family as the grief and overwhelming sadness felt by me and so many, is compounded for them at the loss of a beloved, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We give thanks to God for a life so well lived, even as we mourn her passing. God Bless you Maám, thank you and well done. May you rest in peace. You will not be forgotten.

Carole, Bury, Lancashire

I want to thank God for a great and wonderful Queen we had. We will never know another longer serving King or Queen in my lifetime.

Louise, Glasgow

Almighty God, we give thanks for Queen Elizabeth , for her faithful service to you and our country and the Commonwealth. May she rest in peace.

John and Jackie

Dear God, I thank you for Her Majesty's faithfulness, dedication and loyalty to you and the world. I pray for your comfort to be with her family at this sad time and that they will follow her example of loyalty to you. God bless the King. Amen

Margaret, Wigan

Your Majesty The only Queen I can remember. Your long service and dedication to us (your people) is unique. Your commitment to your vows was unwavering. You are an inspiration to many across the world. Thank you and God Bless You Rest in Peace with your beloved Prince.

Deborah Keam, Kent

Thank you for your years of service, devotion and sacrifice. Your heart was humble and spirit full of wisdom. Thank you that you declared and proclaimed Jesus as saviour and openly shared your faith.

Eluned, Llandysul

Thank you Almighty God for the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who has served humanity around the world with such sincere love and splendor.

Nithyananda Augustus, Btisbane, Australia

Dear Lord, thank you for the life of Queen Elizabeth 11. For her faith in you and the widsom you gave her, for the steadfastness and truth of you. For her service to you, as an example of Christ in us. Amen

gwen, Norwich

Dear Jesus, Thank you for the good example of the late Queen's life. She is an inspiration and encouragement to hold fast in difficult times! As she looked to you for guidance, so will I. Thank you that she was the one, who closed the gap after WW II. We will never forget that kindness to us. Amen

Andrea, Freiburg Germany

I will soon be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary with my dearest husband Perry on 27th September and will be jointly celebrating my 60th birthday with my twin sister Catherine. During these celebrations, we will be raising our glasses to our amazing Queen Elizabeth II. I thank you Ma'am for your faithful services throughout your reign. I give thanks and praises to our heavenly Father God for blessing the Queen, guiding her and for the personal relationship she had with God that enabled her to be a great servant of our country leaning on her Christian faith throughout. RIP Your Majesty and God bless King Charles lll. May He too rule in wisdom and guided by our Heavenly Father God in doing so. The Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord bless you and keep you and bring you peace. Amen

Elizabeth, Derby

Thank you Lord God, for giving us Queen Elizabeth to reign for 3 score years and 10 and for her service to you and commitment to your children. I pray the world to understand your perfect plan for the nations, including monarchies. Guide us oh Lord to treat this privilege with wisdom and that one day every knee shall bow and every confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen

Juliet, Epsom

I rejoice in the fact that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had an active faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and that she led an exemplary life as the head of the Commonwealth. As even the new King Charles himself said that he would endeavour to follow his mother's example. It is my prayer that His Majesty King Charles III will truly and heartily know the One and True living God and His Son Jesus Christ and be a 'true Defender of The Faith!

Jack, Barrie

I had the privilege of receiving an MBE in 2019 but met the Queen during her visit to Cornwall in 2021when she hosted a Big Lunch and then during a dinner for the G7 leaders at the Eden Project. What an amazing lady, strong yet gentle, showing great interest in everyone hard working and dedicated to the end. She was radiant and her smile was infectious. So many people say there was something about her face and I believe this showed how much she loved the Lord and how much He loved her. Your Majesty, Thank You for so many years of faithful service and I pray you are right there with our King of Kings

Jacqui White, St Kew Highway

I really thank God for our glorious Queen. She served God and the people of UK the Commonwealth and the other realms so faithfully and honourably for so many years. She was an example of Christian service and devotion . She has now gone to her reward so I pray for King Charles and all the family that God will comfort and strengthen them.

Janet, Nuneaton



I remember being sad when I heard from my father at the age of 7 of the death of King George VI. My first real memory of Queen Elizabeth II was being able to watch her Coronation on a neighbour's television, then only in black and white. I count it a great privilege to have been alive throughout the Queen's long reign and am so grateful to have witnessed her faithfulness to her calling. Her faithful and constant living out her faithful service to the King she has served has been a great inspiration and encouragement to me. Now she is with her Lord and King and receiving her reward my wife and I will remember her with fondness and gratitude for a life well lived and commitment right to the end. We now continue to pray daily for King Charles III that God will him throughout his years as King.

Richard Hillard, Teignmouth

Thank you for serving us for 70 years. Rest in Peace. Ian

Ian, Cambridge

Thank you Lord for your gift to the world in the life of Queen Elizabeth 11. She has been an example of servant leadership, devotion to duty, humility , love and a steadfast faith in your Son Jesus Christ of whom she was not ashamed to bear witness . May that witness bear fruit even in her death, so we can see an outpouring of your Holy Spirit and many people come to put their trust in Jesus. May her faith be lived out in the lives of her children, especially the new King . With Job well done , may your servant now rest in Peace and Rise in glory .

Regina, London

Thank you father foŕ Queen Elizabeth spiritual. She was faithful to the gospel whilst pioneering bridges of friendship to UK citizens of other persuasions. Amen

John, Birmingham

God bless our lovely Queen Elizabeth the Great, May flights of Angels sing you to your rest Love from patrick +

Patrick, Leek

Thank you Lord God for the beautiful gift that Queen Elizabeth ll was and continues to be all over the world and especially to her family may the same grace be bestowed upon the new King Charles III and the rest of her family in Jesus's name. Amen

Oluwatoyin Salako, London

God and Father of our Lord Jesus, we thank you for the life, service and faithfulness of the Queen Elizabeth.We share the great sense of loss and sadness felt by millions of people all over he world and pray that her family may receive the comfort they need and the privacy to mourn. We praise you, Lord, for the assurance that she is now with you and the company of your people who have gone before her.

John and Audrey Curnow, Borough Green Sevenoaks

The Lord Bless you and keep you as you are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Make His Face shine upon you brilliantly as you Rest In Peace Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11!

Nancy Annah, Sudbury, ON CA

Rest in peace your done your nation proud. As the King will do you easy your duty is done God save the King

Stanley, Ballywalter, Newtownards

My thoughts and prayers are with all the Royal Family and truly thank God for our late Queen Elizabeth II as she was a true servant of Our Lord and will be crowned in heaven. Well done good and faithful Servant.

Stephen Williams, Sheffield

With deep condolence to the Royal family and the entire nation, on behalf of myself and the Living Way Ministries, I thank God for the beautiful, commendable and exemplary life of love and service of our Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I pray that the Royal family be comforted, be blessed and be kept of the LORD now and forever more. Our Queen, May You Rest In The Peace of the LORD Jesus Christ, Whose You Were And Who You Served.

Hope Yoloye, London

Queen Elizabeth II has proved to be one of the most outstanding Monarchs in the history of Great Britain, the Crown Dependencies and the Commonwealth. Her life has been heavily influenced by her Christian faith and this light of faith has shone brightly in the midst of numerous challenges, both privately and in the public sphere. We thank God for her life and for the role she has played as our Queen. We must now turn to God and pray that our new King, Charles III, will pursue his role as Sovereign Head of State in the same manner as his mother, and like his mother, will lean heavily on our Lord Jesus in carrying out his duties.

Andre E. Herve, St. Andrews, Guernsey

Thanks be to God for the life and Christian faith of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, Praise God that she now dwells with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. My prayers are for King Charles 111 that God will grant wisdom and strength and faith in Jesus throughout his reign. Prayers for the whole Royal Family as they mourn Her Majesty that God will bring His comfort and His peace.

Susan, Bishop's Stortford

Jesus commanded us to be 'salt and light' to this world. Our beloved Queen Elizabeth II , Defender of the Faith, has throughout her life steadfastly demonstrated her obedience to this command. Father God, we humbly thank you for granting us the blessing of such a royal and servant-hearted Queen.

Bill, Boston

Thank you Ma’am for sharing love, kindness in life which I pray that as a nation we can live by your wisdom and work together to change the world in Jesus name Amen amen and Amen. Rest in the arms of God forever and ever.

Christine, Hackney/London

We praise God for the glorious life of HM Queen Elizabeth II, her faith and her service till the very end. May her soul continue to rest in the Lord till we all meet again. May our gracious Lord of all comfort be with the royal family and nation at this time. May our Sovereign Lord bless King Charles III with wisdom and guidance to discharge his duties. May He walk in the footsteps of Christ and his mother and keep the faith. Amen

Yemi, Thamesmead, London

May the soul of the Queen rest with the Lord God. May the Lord Jesus give King Charle 111 wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all issues of life and Country.

Esther Igbinadolor, Leigh on sea

You walked the walk as well as talking the talk. A great example of faith for the nation. The media had to report your words and God received the glory. All praise to Jesus.

Murray, Elgin

Thank you your Majesty for your service. Rest in peace in the Lord your Maker.

Fay, Ashford

Dear Lord, we thank you for your faithful servant, our Queen Elizabeth II and for the steadfast & enduring work she has done for the country & the world. May we one day be with you & your elect in the new Heaven. Amen

Sean, Chapel Hill, Australia

I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of our Queen Elizabeth ll Father God, I thank you for her Majesty’s service and faith of endurance, demonstrated throughout her reign. May we too follow the same example, to serve you in service and with our faith believing, trusting you always until we are called home. At this sad time, we lift up to you King Charles the lll and all the royal family members. Surround them with your peace and love, guide them on their life’s journey. Holy Spirit touch them from deep within, so they too can sense your presence now and forever more, this I ask in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Millicent, London

We thank God for the example set by Queen Elizabeth 11 and out of respect for her will try to be more accommodating of others in our own lives. With the deepest of respect, may you Rest in Peace Your Majesty, God's true and faithful servant.

Yvonne, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

Dear Lord, I give my thanks for our Majesty, the Queen. For her life lived in faith and her moral standards, her wisdom, her duty to the UK and the Commonwealth countries. I didn’t realise how much she involved herself in everything, and how much she did for us all until she died. I thank you, too, Lord that she was able to live a healthy life until the end. I pray for King Charles and the Queen Consort, fill them with fruits of the spirit and also the family, and I particularly pray that Harry and Megan will find some way back through your spirit, to end the bitterness with the family. I can’t imagine her not being here Lord but know she is with you and I don’t feel so sad, and I thank you for her long life. I pray in Jesus’ wonderful name. Amen

Sandy, Aberdyfi, Gwynedd

Thankyou heavenly Father for our Queen who has served so well and we lift up the royal family to you that they will know your love and Comfort.In the name of Jesus Amen.


Pray that God grants her soul eternal rest!

Joseph, Kampala

Thank you for always being steadfast and upholding the Christian faith and for representing all that is good.

Helen, Newton Abbot

Thank you to The Greatest Queen ever. Thank u God for guiding & carrying her and her amazing family. Bless them all My deepest condolences and prayers are with you amen GOD SAVE THE KING as u saved the Queen! So thankful to live in England and in this Season of time !! Lynnie Saunders ♥️🙏😇 Bless

Lindi, Aylesbury Bucks

We have been so blessed to have a queen who love God, we will miss her for her dedication to this country and respect she has bestowed throughout the world, she is not only our queen but queen of the world, rest in peace our queen with you beloved husband Philip. God bless King Charles lll may God give him the knowledge, strength and wisdom and that his reign will bring peace, love, unity, prosperity to this country and the world.

Danielle, Bicester

Thank you very much for having been a defender the faith, and a huge encouragement to the church. Youhave had a remarkable influence on the Christian faith in the UK. I will miss your yearly Christmas message. God bless

Ade, Manchester

We’re so blessed to have had a godly Queen. She was perhaps one of the greatest national leaders of her time, and one of the best, of all time. That was God’s gift to the UK. We can never forget His kindness in blessing us all with Lilabet, and now she has gone to Him, to receive her reward for a lifetime of humble service.

Kalpana, Epping

I admired and would always remember our late Queen Elizabeth II’s strong faith in God and in our saviour Jesus Christ, which she unequivocally affirmed during one of her national Christmas Broadcast I was moved, encouraged and inspired by her faith in God. I pray that her good legacies will live on, as her soul rest in peace, in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen. I pray that her passing will mark a historic reference point as the beginning of a new spiritual reawakening in the United Kingdom, and positive turn around of the current bleak economic climate. I also pray that with the ascension of King Charles III to the throne, his reign will bring peace, progress, prosperity, love and unity for the people of the UK and the whole wide world. I pray that God will bless him with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so that he would reign to glorify God, in all his actions and decisions. Amen.

Kayode Alabi, Leeds

Your Majesty We thank you for your dedication to this country and the commonwealth; for your reassuring presence, particularly during difficult times. There is now a void in our lives that can never be filled. But we gain comfort in the knowledge you are now with your beloved Prince Philip for eternity. Sleep well your Majesty. You are loved and we miss you,

Julie, Chichester

We bless God for the life of Queen Elizabeth II, for inspiring millions around the globe with her faith in JESUS Christ and for sense of duty.

Emmanuel Kwarteng, London

I thank the queen for her service to jesus christ first and foremost and the blessing the people received from her wisdom from god

Mark, Wickford

Our wonderful Queen Elizabeth was a true example to Christians and all the world ,of a faithful,dedicated life of service and Witness for Jesus Christ. She is dearly loved and missed.

Stephen, Sutton

I pray the Royal family and every one are comforted at this difficult time. I pray that God will uphold the new King too.

Sade, Sutton

Thank you beloved Queen for your inspirational reign over 70 years. .Thank you for your steadfastness , your graciousness and acceptance of all peoples. Your messages of hope in Jesus and your declaration of your complete trust in following where God leads you was such an encouraging declaration of your faith. Rest in peace good and much loved faithful servant .

Kathy, Christchurch

Thank You, LORD for your precious child, our Queen Elizabeth. Her life, dedicated first of all to You, then her family and the Commonwealth, has been such a blessing to all of us. She has been a model of persistent faithfulness, humility and a servant attitude. She lived out Your command in Micah 6:8. Our Queen is now with her King, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. Dear Heavenly Father, please bless King Charles with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit he needs to serve You and his people as his mother did so well. God save our new King. We love you, Lord Jesus.

Alex, Quarrington, Sleaford

A loyal servant of the Lord.

christine, Rugby

I offer my sincere tribute to her late Majesty for all she has done throughout her long reign to Lead the country and the Commonwealth in all that is good and honourable. She has honoured the name of Jesus before all who watched her broadcasts and dedicated herself to a life of service. Well done thou good and faithful servant.

Judy Steward, Ipswich

May God rest your soul, may your legacy of duty, kindness and peace-making live on in our Country and Commonwealth forever. May I show your strength and grace in my own life, with the help of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Emmy, Calne

I thank God that from what I learnt about late evangelist Billy Graham witnessing and having Bible studies with her, I believe her heart is right with Jesus and she made heaven. Praise God. I had the privilege of taking photos of Queen Elizabeth and her husband when they visited Waltham stow during the Golden Jubilee year and later unexpectedly saw her as she came out of the festival hall on the Southbank, while visiting a gallery. She may be 96, but I will miss her presence so much.

Folasade Adeseyoju, Stratford, East London

God be with you

ben, lon

Fare thee well Her Majesty the Queen. You were set apart to serve the humanity, when our maker brought you in to this our cosmos. You did it till your last minute on Earth. Rest at Jesus feet we loved you but our God loved you more. 🙏

Cllr Timothy Makofu, Swindon

Well done good and faithful servant

Keith Yelland, Torquay

I pray that God will accept her soul and that her journey to His bosoms will be peaceful. May Mother Earth be kind and gracious to her body. RIP 🌹

Dr. Gabriel C. Otukwu, London

I do grieve the death of our beloved Queen - but I also believe that she knew the Lord Jesus, and that she is safe in heaven. Thank you Lord, for the faithful service of your servant Queen Elizabeth II, for I know that she worked with the power and grace that you put in her heart. Please comfort those who mourn, particularly in her family, and draw many, many people to know you through this time through the prompting of your Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord. Amen..

David, Palma

I would like to express my heartfelt sorrow for the Passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This is the greatest leader I have ever known all my life. To me there has been one Queen in the World. I am proud that I paid my allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and now to King Charles III. My sympathy and prayers for His Majesty King Charles III and the entire Royal Family of Great Britain as well as the entire subjects of this Great Kingdom. May the Good Lord rest Her Soul in Eternal Peace 🙏🏻 Long Live The King.

David Segawa Mukasa, Harlow

May the Lord comfort the entire Royal Family and the UK in this time of the passing of our Queen, mom, and grandmother. The Bible says the Lord will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying pr [aom, for the old order of things, has passed away. Rev 21:4

Mercy Nyarko, North London

Hearing last week that Her Majesty The Queen had passed away was very difficult to hear. I was in shock at times and quite tearful. I took solace in the fact that she had a very strong faith and had accepted Jesus Christ our Saviour. I now don't feel sad, most of the time, because I know she has gone to be with the Lord. Its been so lovely watching all the programmes on TV celebrating her life and following the formalities of King Charles becoming King and the resting in state of her Majesty. I took comfort in the tributes on Premier Christian Radio. Beautiful prayers and readings. I enjoyed listening to the listeners stories of when they met the Queen. I offer a prayer for Kng Charles. Father God i ask that you guide and protect the new King. May he enquire of You always through prayer. I pray for the whole Royal family for comfort and knowing that Her Majesty is at rest, she did good in the eyes of the Lord. God Bless each and everyone one of them and give them the daily strength to get through this difficult time. Amen

Yvonne, Manchester

I give thanks for the faith and dedication of the late Queen and that she openly confessed her faith in Jesus Christ in her recent Christmas speeches

Marion, Bedford UK

Condolences to the entire family of Queen Elizabeth II on the passing of their precious mother, grandmother, great-mother and Monach. I identified with them in their loss as my parents have gone to be with the Lord. My mum Elizabeth was named after the Queen. We thank God for her Majesty's long life and reign. We thank God for her faith in Christ Jesus that she reminded and encouraged many through her Christmas messages over many years. We give thanks too to God for the extraordinary woman she was, for her inspiration, love of family and devoted service, faithfully serving to the very end of her life. RIP Queen Elizabeth II and God bless King Charles III with strength, wisdom and peace. Amen!

FG, Hertfordshire

Thank you for everything Ma’am. Rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen

Reverend Ian, Rochester

My prayers and thoughts are with His Majesty the King and the Royal Family at this time. I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I thank Her late Majesty for all that she did, for her devotion to our great nation of the United Kingdom, for her exceptional leadership and wonderful Christian example over seven decades. I greatly admired Her late Majesty, who was an extremely inspirational and uniting influence and had a remarkable and dedicated life of public service. My family and I send our heartfelt condolences to His Majesty the King and the Royal Family. Father God, I pray for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, grant her eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul, through Your mercy, rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen


You lived, you served, you loved, you fought, you conquered! Indeed you were a glowing example to many generations!! Rest on our Queen!! Your rich legacy lives on!! May the Lord uphold and guide the Royal family!! Amennn

Grace, London

I remember being taken by my mother to see the Queen when it was planned that she would be on the balcony of the Palace, sometime following Prince Andrew's birth. I was about 6 at the time and now in my late 60's but will not forget the time with hundreds of people there. She will be sadly missed and her faith she wrote about and was open about I trust will have inspired many. I trust now she will be enjoying Heaven.

Germaine, Harrogate

Thanking God for the queen and her amazing dedication to duty and above all her faith in God and her willingness to share that Jesus is her Lord and her humility She is now in an even more beautiful place in heaven I look forward to meeting her there one day My parents had the privilege of meeting her at Buckingham Palace when I was 80 because my father who is still alive was born on the same day Praying that Charles will have a living relationship with Jesus

Peter, Moreton in Marsh

I'm a Cub Scout Leader, newly stepping up from being an assistant. On my first meeting I invested a new Cub Scout, promising that she would do her duty to God and the Queen. My first investiture was the only one I'll ever do promising to the Queen. Last night almost our whole Cub Pack chose to renew their promises to the new King. Thank you for your duty and service to your country and to God. Thank you for being a shining light to so many. Thank you for the example you set for us all. May you rest in peace and rise in glory.

Kelly, Gosport

I thank God for her courage to serve our Lord and her people during her reign. May her legacy continue to be a blessing to those already inside the kingdom of heaven but also to those still outside.


Thank you Lord for saving the Queen and granting her salvation through Christ. May countless more people be saved through her shining example. Amen

Oluwatoyin Salako, London

I am living in UK since 1965 and our Queen Elizabeth 2 has been deep in my British identity to celebrate, enjoy the democratic freedom , duty and privileges! Ohhhhhhh….we miss you Ma’am ! To me there will never be another glorious time of living than under your kingdom but I welcome the continuity under King Charles ||| and wait to see! May God give you perfect peace in your resting!😭😭😭💐🙏

Mrs Nalinie Kandasamy, London

I want use this opportunity to send my condolences to the people of UK and Common Wealth countries for the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ii. She give all her life to the people of Common Wealth especially Nigeria. By the grace of God may her soul rest in peace

Jamilu A. Adam, Kano Nigeria

Thank you father God for a remarkable woman, HM Queen Elizabeth II, serving the country and commonwealth. I pray for guidance for King Charles III, may you lead Him what to say and do for your honour and glory, lead Him and us to the way everlasting through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Johnathan, Gloucester

I am pleased to hear of the Queen's Christian faith. This expressed best at the Christmas day message to the nation. Also I delight to hear of the various churches she worshiped in.

Mr Robin Robinson, Sandhurst Cranbrook Kent

Thankyou, Ma'am Your life has been an absolute blessing. You have encaptured the essence of being a Christian. May you rest in peace, along with your dear Prince Philip.

Helen, Bearpark

Our queen was an inspirational charachter who we can learn so much from. Her willingness to share her faith and never hold back in talking about her Lord. Now she is in the presence of her saviour which is so much better for her but we mourn the loss.

lorraine, Motherwell

She was a sovereign legend. She will be missed and remembered life time by our country Uk, commonwealth countries and the whole world. She dedicated herself selflessly. God bless her and keep her in his precious hands. There won't be another queen.

Joan Antony, Edmonton, London N181EU

Ma you made our service well we are proud to be British rest in peace Ma

Andreas, Stowmarket

Your Majesty, I like to thank you for your faithful service and example in sharing your faith with us all, your the longest and best and we shall miss you muchly. We pray for King Charles III that Gods hand and anointing will be on Him too. Rest in Peace, Queen of us all❤️ Marijke Northiam

Marijke, Northiam Rye East Sussex

I would like to thank God for the Queen’s life, for her dedication to us and lifetime commitment and for her unwavering faith in God. Praying that King Charles will share in that faith and will draw near to Jesus at this time. Praying over all the Royal family. May they know the Lord’s peace and love.

Anne, Beckenham

Thank you God for our Queen for leading her in truth and humility and the long life serving our country and the commonwealth. In Jesus’s name Amen 🙏

Rodney, London



Thank you Father that you anointed and appointed Queen Elizabeth the second Thank you for your faithfulness to her and her faithfulness to you

Denise, Leeds

My heart felt wishes you made me so very proud to be part of this country and I am so very proud to have been part of your silver jubilee celebrations

Malcolm, Poole

I pray for the salvation of King Charles III and the entire royal family and that they will be impelled to follow in the footsteps of The Queen and that through her death they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour, igniting a great revival within the UK and around the world. The Queen has been an inspiration and example to many and walked with Integrity and worked tirelessly at serving her subjects faithfully staying at her post right until the end of her days ushering in the new PM. . She has indeed been a good and faithful servant and was not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, declaring her faith in God publicly. The Queen lived her life as a true Christian witness and is a great example of how as believers we should live our lives to bring glory to God. May she rest in eternal peace in the arms of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. .

Vivvy, London

Thank you M'arm for always being with us,now that you have left us we are feeling the loss ,but,you have gone to GLORY!to be with the Lord,and this gives us all hope for our futures.

Rodney, Windsor

Thank you Lord for Queen Elizabeth, she served and loved you faithfully.

Suzy, London

Thank you God for our faithful Queen, her life of service to you and our nation and her inspiring example of servant leadership. I pray that her family will draw comfort and support from you and the knowledge that the Queen is now with you. I pray that our new King will develop an intimate relationship with you too, so that he can be led by you and serve others as you did. Amen

Elizabeth, Abingdon

We are so grateful for our Father God for the Queen Elizabeth II, lived her life in God’s fear, and now she Crowned in heaven as Christ servant, our prayer for the King Charles III for a heavenly wisdom and blessings from above, In Jesus Almighty’s we pray. Amen

Hany, London

So sad to say goodbye to a very special lady. Such an inspiration to us all. So faithful to her pledge to serve us. God bless

Linda, Back

I Thank God for thé life of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, and how she dedicated and served the Lord and the people of the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 . A Life well lived to the glory of God. A woman who at a young age was able to dedicate her life to service to God. Queen Elizabeth asked the Lord to help her to carry out this responsibility. This prayer was answered in her life time. God fulfilled his word in her life. She lived a life of Service, commitment and dedication to God and the rule of United Kingdom and Territories and the Commonwealth. The Queen Elizabeth honoured God with her life and service. The Lord Himself is honouring the Queen for Her dedication and Service to the Him. May the Lord be with Her family. May the king also find the Lord for Himself as He begins His Reign and Reigns as the new Monarch. God Bless the King.

Modupe Muotoh, Morden

Thank you God for your servant Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth. We were so blessed to have her as our monarch and her devotion to Jesus which she clearly stated and demonstrated in her life. I do pray for King Charles lll that he will desire wisdom above all things and that he will come to know the love of Jesus in His heart and that he won't just live a life of lip service to God.

Louise, Elgin

Yours was a life of love and service. I pray that the Lord strengthen and comfort your immediate family, United Kingdom and the World. Rest in His Peace HRH Queen Elizabeth 2

Christine Ikyemtu, Basildon

Thank you God for our precious Queen and her dedicated life of service. Her faith was central to everything she did. Thank you for guiding her all her years of service. I pray comfort for her mourning family and strength and guidance for King Charles 111

Lorraine, Ballymena

Thank you Queen Elizabeth 2 for your faithful service and being a wonderful example of Christian witness for us all to follow.

Beverley, Sunnybrow, Crook

Thank you God for our lovely Queen Elizabeth's II life and strength. She talked about her faith in Jesus. I pray as King Charles take over he will continue in faith and have strength.

Janet, Croydon

I'm so sad at our Beloved Queens passing. A Monarch who's Christian faith shone through in her life which was devoted to duty. In particular her Christmas message to the nation always gave a clear message of the hope we have in Christ, and Her Majesty never compromised her beliefs. It's my prayer that King Charles 111 continues this legacy without compromise and I pray for wisdom to enable him to make Godly decisions always. Amen 🇬🇧

Georgina, Coventry

So thankful to God for our Queen Elizabeth II - for her faith in Him and her faithfulness to Him, her family and our Nation. Praying for King Charles III, his wife, Camilla, his family and all the Royal Family, for God's Grace, Peace, Strength and Comfort for them all. Thanking her for her life given for this Nation. God bless all the Royal Family.

Brenda, Southport

Praise God for answered prayer that has enabled Elizabeth 11 to fulfil her lifelong promise of service. We are sad at her passing but relieved she has gone to her IDEAL home with Jesus. May God comfort her family and the nation and commonwealth. Amen.

Katherine, Barrow in Furness

We are grateful to God for your exemplary life. Many of us never met you, but we feel the personal loss of you, because you treated us all like we belonged in your family and you in ours. You were mother to us all and grandmother to our children, our sovereign and a great example of a life of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We will never forget your life of diligent and devoted service, we will always remember you, our own Queen Elizabeth THE GREAT. Rest on in perfect peace, and rise in glory. We appreciate you, we are grateful for you. We miss you.

Morola, Barwell

Your Majesty, thank you for your steadfastness and service throughout your life. Your faith and dedication is and will continue to be an inspiration to us all. God has truly blessed our nation through you and now, your service is complete. God bless you as you enter your final rest.

Miriam, London

Queen Elizabeth ll Thank you for being a wonderful role model worldwide. The faithfulness of God in Christ Jesus which kept you, will also keep your Legacy eternally. Amen

Oluwatoyin, London

I pray for the Queen and her family and I pray for this country and the Monarchy. This country has helped so many innocent and vulnerable people and sheltered so many women and I just want to be so grateful for finding any sort of safe passage here. I pray life would get easier for all women and people here and her life would be used as a testimony for Jesus and the power of women globally. I am so grateful she passed at such a profound time in history. Bless her and Long Live the Queen in Heaven.

Ayana, London

Thank God for her long life , reigning to the last her fullness of mind. Pray that God will still be exalted in Britain

Heather frazer, Armagh

Thank you Ma’am for serving us so well and giving us an example of how to live out faith in Jesus in the world I pray that King Charles means what he says to follow her in hoping in Almighty God for help and strength as he takes on the role of being our monarch

Yvonne, Andover

Thank you for our wonderful Queen. A wonderful Christian and her Christmas messages so moving . I pray she will enjoy wonderful heaven where she deserve to be .Her wonderful love for all.What a beautiful person.

Clare, Dover

Farewell to a lovely Queen RIP she who was a strong leader right to the end.resiliant and caring she will be greatly missed

Patricia Audin, Barnsley S.Yorks

Thank you your Majesty for a lifetime of dedication, devotion & selflessness. Rest in peace Ma'am, you deserve it.

Rob, Ventnor

Thank you Lord for the great faith and loyal service of Queen Elizabeth II ..She was a true example to us all...Amen.

Ian, Cambridge

We thank God for blessing to world with a Queen who devoted her life to the service of God and humanity and bestowed same Christian traditions to her children and the world. Rest in peace God's Queen

Segun, Lagos

To God be all the glory! Hallelujah for the life well spent. Queen Elizabeth 11. Rest in perfect peace. You have done the best you could as grace permitted to serve your people. We pray that the King after you will do greater in the will and purposes of God in Christ in this new era and season in Jesus mighty Name. Amen

Christiana, Sheffield

Thank you Father God for honoring our Queen with the gift of wisdom. Her faith in you gave her strength to work her whole life for you. I give thanks for her. Thank you Lord.

ANNETTE, West Wickham

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth our guilding light in this dark world. May you continue to guild us from the Heavenly glory. Forever and ever in our hearts thank you immensely our beautiful wonderful Sovereign Queen Elizabeth. Immortal for eternity amen

Wendy, Rayleigh

My condolences to the family of our late Queen. May continue rest her soul in perfect peace. Amen Amen and Amen. She will be greatly missed by all her subjects and the world at large.

Ms Caroline Ndalugi, Rochester

Queen Elizabeth’s life & faith is truly a wonderful legacy. Even though she is royalty she devoted it to service to others. I pray that King Charles III reign will honor what she has left behind. Thank you Queen Elizabeth for showing us a wonderful Christian example.

Adoreli, Essex, NJ

I give thanks for the great example the Queen was to us all and for her wonderful faith in God.

Kathleen, Bromley

She served with a heart of love and duty and her legacy lives on in the example she has been to so many. I thank God you for your servant heart and I hope to meet you one day in eternity.

Linda, Kamloops

Thank you for everything ma'am! Your grace, faith and selfless service has inspired and encouraged me so much. As we mourn your loss, I am so thankful that you are rejoicing in Heaven with Jesus!

Claire, Bradford



Thank you for all your dedicated service you gave us. You always put your duty to others first we thank you for that. You will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth ll LOVE YOU and now you are reunited with your beloved sole mate. xxx

Dawn, Wolverhampton

May the Lord comfort and strengthen the Royal family at this time and may the Soul of her Majesty rest in peace. May the guide and protect the King Charles as he leads the nation. Although most of us have not met her personally may the Lord comfort us and support us through this time in Jesus mighty name.

Olabisi, Dagenham

For our late Queen Elizabeth thank you for your service, now we give God thanks for your long life and your Christian faith Father thank you for the life and faith of our late Monarch

Jean, Glasgow

Dear Father in Heaven Thank you for the life of The Queen who has now passed from this life to eternal rest. As the Royal Family and the world grieve thus loss we pray for unity, love and strength. We pray you will impart your wisdom to King Charles as he leads the monarchy. In Jesus Name Amen


Dear Majesty, How we love and honour you for your wonderful record of faithful, humble and sacrificial Christian service and witness over many decades! We will miss you terribly but know you are at peace and with our dear Saviour, Jesus, in eternal glory. That gives us great comfort. Handley & Mary Hammond

Handley, Epsom

May the good Lord comfort members of the Royal family at the death of our Queen and may He strengthen our country at this time of change, in the Monarch and Prime Minister. We pray for stability to our country and wisdom to our new King, King Charles III. Amen

Cyril, Essex

Our wonderful Queen Elizabeth loved the Lord so very much, and I'm so thankful that King Charles also has made public about his own faith in God. I pray that as he seeks God in prayer, each day, in his position of our King, that the Lord will continually guide and lead him each day, and provide good counsellors with wise advice.

Diana, Tetbury

I thank the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Father of our Lord Jesus, Messiah, for the godly life of Queen Elizabeth II, and her shining example of selfless service to others. She and her sister, Margaret, we watched and admired as they grew up together. Now Queen Elizabeth rests 'asleep in Jesus' till He comes again, in glory.

Margaret Elizabeth, Thame, Oxon., UK

Thank you your Majesty for your years of dedication to us and thank you for being an inspiration as a Christian...May our dear lord Gather you into his arms and grant you peace...I pray we can live our lives as an example to you...God Bless.

Rose, Glasgow..Scotland

God Bless Her Majesty, our beloved Queen. May she Rest in Peace, after so many years of loyal and devoted service to our Country.

Elizabeth Hitchens, Calne

God blessed us with a remarkable Queen. She was indeed a servant leader. Thank you our wonderful Queen for being such a great leader and for standing strong as a Christian. I pray we all learn from your worthy examples. We love you and you will greatly be missed but won't be forgotten.

Queen, Bristol

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for your faithful service to God and the community of Britain and the commonwealth. Thank you for your increasingly clear statements about your Christian faith. We know you will now be experiencing the full presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Colin, Northampton

I pray the Lord comfort members of the royal family and those deeply affected by the passing of the queen. I pray we see the queen's decades of years dedicated to her duties as an example for us all.

Doris, WIGAN

The Queen lived the Christian life to the full...her example second only to the Lord Jesus Himself.

Gillian, Witney

I am in awe of our dear Queen Elizabeth. She had an air of calm and resilience about her. Her smile was infectious and made me smile. God was with her and she was with Him. He was her guiding light and stay throughout her long life. Rest in peace my Queen. 🙏 X

Valerievzabienko, Bournemouth

Dear Lord we thank you for the life of our dear Queen Elizabeth and her life long service.We ask that your love will surround the Royal family at this sad time and that you would bless King Charles and the Queen Consort at this time and we pray for our nation as we go forward.

jayne, Rochdale

Thank you Lord for our beautiful Queens life. You kept her and protected her. You gave her joy and strength to Reign over us for 70 years. Your eyes truly sparkled and shone brightly for us all to see. Thank you Queen Elizabeth for your continued faithful service to us all. A job ‘Well Done’ faithful servant. Lesley Carr

Lesley Carr, Carlton. Bedford.

May almighty God have mercy on the soul of her majesty Elizabeth 🙏, from the Irish traveller community of great Yarmouth.

John, Great Yarmouth

Take Christs hand your Majesty, and be led home to your beloved family and eternal reward.

Nicola, Leicester

Our late Queen was a remarkable legend in her own right who served God and our nation to her heart's content. In recent years I have admired her sense of fun and spontaneity. I give thanks that she is and forever will be Queen of our hearts. Thank you your gracious Majesty for your selfless act of service to our nation and to God. And I pray for his majesty the King and the rest of the Royal family to find peace and strength in their grief and loss.

Emma, Newport

The Queen was very dedicated to her role and her life was one of service. She gave her life to the people who she was sovereign to. In her long reign she experienced many different things, some which must have caused great pain, but delt with them all with such strength and courage which I imagine came from her relationship with Christ. She will be greatly missed. Thank you for your life of service.

Arianna, Chatham

Dear Lord, Thank you for the life, service and witness of Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for her radiant smile which made people feel that they were special. Thank you for the say she spoke to naturally and simply about her faith. May she rest in peace and rise in Glory.


We thank you Queen Elizabeth for you service to our country over the last 70 years. Your lifetime of service to our country and an example of Christian faith to so many. You were a servant Queen and we loved you for it. God bless you and your family who you leave behind.

Christopher Plummer, Leicester

Englands greatest rose we will miss you ma’am god bless you

Ian, Dartford

With gratitude for the Queen’s life of dedication and faith, inspiring us to follow such a Christian way of life. And with condolences to all her family.

Blair, Colchester

I want to express my heartfelt tribute and also thank God for the life of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II. Her passing was most assuredly into glory, a divine recovery into eternal life and we shall all meet again in Heaven at the right time. My prayers and thoughts are with The Royal Family, The Nation, The Commonwealth and the World at large. She will be missed!

Minister Folake Praise, Lagos NG

Heartbroken my sincere condolences to her majesty family thank you ma'am for your service and dedication fly high with the angels

Lorraine, West Midlands

Thank God for Queen Elizabeth life of faith which she clearly declared. May God help us to be bold in proclaiming our faith like her and to leave that as our legacy.

Vivian, Stratford/London

May the Lord bless you and keep you as you as a family struggle to take in the loss of your mother., and as your roles all change. I pray reconciliation and forgiveness for the family. New joy and hope and understanding. Listen with real empathy and care. Tolerate differences and support each other through the good and the bad times. That will set the best example worldwide. True leadership! Queen Elizabeth was a true leader, humble and faithful and dedicated and BRAVE.

Gillian, Glasgow

Thank you Father God for the life our Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the choice that she made to follow the teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ . Rest In Peace Ma'am. 🙏

Norma, East Ham

HRH Queen Elizabeth II You have fought the good fight of Christian witness, faithfulness , duty and sacrifice to country, family and the world. We thank God for your life as you take hold of the prize awarded you through Christ our Lord. Amen

Bose, London

We are thankful to God for the Life and Works of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a wonderful person. I'm confident she is now with our Lord Jesus Christ. May God grant peace to the bereaved family.

Samuel Richmond, Delhi, India

Thank you for your role model as how to live a Christian life, not by talking but by living it out. Linda Luk, Hong Kong

Linda L, Hong Kong

Dear Queen Elizabeth You are truly missed, such an inspiration to others, I am ever so grateful of being a part of your life, a very special thank you to God for giving us the privilege of knowing such an amazing lady, charitable of heart, a true faithful Christian, the care and love of animals she showed, supporting dog trust etc, her family, a heir of this country. We were truly blessed to have you as our Queen, May you uphold the Royal family going through this very tough time, may rest in peace, that you are shining your amazing light, your gracious heart looking down at your family and to this world, so that we could also lead by good example like you have. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. My relations the generation before me up where you are I hope get to meet you. Thank you our Majesty.

Donna, Bromley

R.I.P Our wonderful Gracious Queen I still cannot believe HER MAJESTY has passed,yet I still watch programmes about her death she was a wonderful Monarch, there will never be anyone like her again,as far has I am alive God bless you,your Majesty 💔🌷🌷

Heather, Newtownabbey

The Queen has been around for as long as I remember.i was 13 when she was crowned and what a wonderful example she has been of a child of God. My husband and I give thanks to the Lord for a life well lived and a tremendous example of what a Christian life should be; service to others & fun & laughter in the process. We are sad to lose you Ma'am but know we shall meet you one day in Glory. Xxxx

Sylvia and paul, Lowestoft Suffolk

Heavenly Father many thanks for the way all of the UK nations can come together as one to bring tributes for a wonderful lady. Comfort those who were close to her in their great loss.

John, Birmingham

Like the reverent, stillness before You that our Queen desired for this hour, I too bow my head in deep gratitude before You, our wonderful Father. Thank You for allowing us to have as example the quiet dignity of the Queen’s surrender to You, the testimony of her love and the strength of her steadfast faith, love and forgiveness in all she had to endure. Thank You for the inspirational legacy and example for us of a life surrendered to You, and the outcome thereof. Amen. Thank you our Queen for your faith and example to us, your people. We will never forget you.

Annette, Hamilton NZ

D Dear God, May our much beloved and long serving Queen Elizabeth II rest eternally in your graciously loving care, and that all love and strength of faith will both protect and guide our new King Charles III. Amen.x. Ann. Royal Leamington Spa.

Ann, Royal Leamington Spa

A truly faithful servant of our God, Jesus Christ. My humble and respectful gratitude for her dedication and service which kept the Throne of David safe.

Yvonne, Auckland

I Thank God for the life Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We are blessed to have her as our Queen. May her soul rest in perfect peace. My deepest sympathies to the Royal family.

Antonita Sebamalai, Welling, Kent

I pray for the Queens Family especially for her son Charles who suceeds her that he will rule with wisdom and good judgement.

amanda, Benodet

Thank you for your service to our Country. You were truly an inspiration. You were a great example of a great Christian. Thank you your majesty.

Kathleen Macnab, Stonehaven

My thoughts and prayers for Queen Elizabeth may she rest in peace. I reflect on my own life and wish that i too may set similar example.

Jacqueline, Godalming

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family.

Matthew, Birmingham

Her Majesty’s faith was so inspiring and she had no fear of man in speaking out for the Lord. Nothing to lose by fearing God first - resulting in the wisdom she needed. (The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.) Proverbs 22:4 says “True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honour and long life”. That describes her.

Jenny, Worthing

Dear Lord, I thank you for the dedicated life of our Queen Elizabeth, for her many years of service to this nation. Thank you for her many gifts and sense of humour. I thank You for her faith, which she shared publicly. I thank You for the privilege of having her as our Queen, and for the way she has been a Peacemaker and true to her word. I pray for all the Royal Family, that You will uphold them all at this time, and help them to work through their grief, and support each other, especially the younger members. I pray for King Charles 3rd, that You would help him in the days ahead, to adapt to his new role, and also Queen consort Camilla. Bless the all at this time I pray in Jesus Name

Trish, Leicester

My prayers for the queens family as they grieve her sudden death. That they are given your grace and strength to continue in private and public life and are drawn even closer to you you God at this time knowing they can draw on your strength.

Charlotte, Leicestershire

My thanks to God for having blessed us with a truly Christian sovereign who dedicated her whole reign to the service of her people. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord.

sallyhall, FARNBOROUGH

I want to thank God for the life and faith of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She has always been a part of my life & I am so grateful to God that we had such a wonderful, gracious and godly woman as our Sovereign in this land. Reflecting upon her life over these last few days, I see a woman who lived life to the full, fulfilled her vows to her God and her country, exuded wisdom, kindness and compassion to all, yet still retained a vibrant sense of fun and good humour which lit up our lives. I shall miss her very much, but praise the Lord she ran her race and is now with her Saviour, our precious Lord Jesus Christ.

Deborah, London

I will like to thank Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the life of the Queen. I thank God that she was a Christian. May God comfort King Charles and the royal family at this sad time.

Esther, London

Thank you ma’am for your steadfast faith and serving our country. I pray that King Charles III will continue in a steadfast faith and belief in seeking wisdom to govern this country into the future and reconciliation will continue in the royal family. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Jill, Mirfield

I thank You, Lord for the faith and wise words of the Queen. I pray that the Royal Family would seek You, Lord in their grief and in the future. Amen.

Stina, St.Helens

We thank you Lord for the 70 years of service of HRH THE QUEEN. We Pray for her soul, we rejoice in the example she set to all of her people. We too celebrate her faith which kept her strong during the many challenging times she faced over the years.

Graham, Stafford

We do thank and praise God for his unfailing guidance and love in all that you did. Praying you are now at peace in your heavenly home with your loving saviour and are once again reunited with your ever devoted husband Prince Phillip

Susan, Halesowen

Thankyou Father for our wonderful Queen we will miss her deeply as she was such a great encourager ! Especially in difficult times ! Keep calm and carry on was one of her sayings ! Be close to her family and heal there broken hearts . I pray that you will protect them under your wings and they will all be closer to you! Thankyou father for Jesus our hope!

Sharon, Leicester

My tribute to the Queen Elizabeth II who stood as a firm a rock through the past 70 years of this chaotic world. God save the Queen!🌷👑

Anndrea, Bournemouth

Lord, the one true and steadfast thing that stood beside your love for us, was the service and shining example of our queen, Elizabeth. As we mourn at her passing, take her into your arms and bring her peace. Give her life eternal in your heavenly home and grant her son, Charles, the wisdom to rule in her likeness. Amen.

Jennie, Norwich

Thank you for your devoted service and feel blessed in the presence of our lord God I pray for your family at this time for comfort and peace

Doreen, Oldham

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness toward our now departed Queen, because she wholeheartedly served thee and her loyal subjects all her life. God save our new King

Michael, Canvey island

I will never forget aged 6 the Queen came to St Kitts in the West Indies and I had to hand the Queen a post of flowers she first shook my hand and asked me my name and I said Ruth your Magesty ahh she said a name from the bible. I replied yes and my brothers name is David just like King David in the bible. The Queen replied your parents made very wise choice’s in your names. Lord I just want to thank you for the life of example and humility are Queen led us by. We know that she is now safely in the arms of her beloved Jesus who she wasn’t afraid to tell us of. May the King be led by her example.

Ruth, Hook

I an so very thankful for the Queen's life dedicated to her country. The Queen's faithful service in good and challenging times is such a demonstration of her faith in Jesus Christ. Her Global impact of gracious leadership has represented Jesus to the world in such a unique way. May the Queen's example of love, service and integrity be a template for us all.

Joy, Stafford

We will miss the Queen for what she done for this world may her soul rest in Gods arms till we meet again in Jesus name 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Shalom

Perpetua, London

Thanking God for her life for The Lord all mighty put her in that service.

Franklin, Barahona, Repiblica Dominicana.

My Thanks for the Life of a Servant of the Lord, and our Monarch The Queen Elizabeth the ll, Her Soul is at Peace with the Lord, I met her 1983, and that my Special Memory,

Darret, LONDON

Thanking God for our wonderful Queen Elizabeth 11 .Who passed on 8/09/22 .Fond memories and will be missed .Prayers for our new King Charles 111 and family .

Christine, Southport

I will remember the Queen for her servant heart and faith in God. Praying that all who hear of her dependency on God that has kept her going over the years will be touched and will want to follow her example. The Queen's life is not over, she has just began to live. Dead in the body but alive in Christ.

Valerie Douglas, Birmingham

I am pleased and humbled to acknowledge with gratitude the Christian witness of our beloved and departed Queen. May she Rest in Peace and Rise again in Glory.

John M, Yeovil

What a testimony our late Queen Elizabeth 2nd hasleft behind.❤️Thank you Your Majesty for the wonderful way you served our country,you were an amazing woman and your faith in Jesus Christ helped you to carry out all your engagements and led you in every moment of your life.Thank you again for being such a wonderful Queen.May God’s comfort and strength surround the whole Royal Family 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Lorna Patterson, NEWRY

I pray for God's comfort and strength for the Royal Family. We Thank God for the new king and pray for God's wisdom for him, in Jesus name, Amen.


Queen Elizabeth was a wonderful christian lady and monarch. As a 6 year old, I remember her Coronation Service in 1953 and the impact it had on my young life. She has served her King of Kings, Jesus Christ with unswerving loyalty and dedication. She is resting in peace and will rise in glory in a coming day (Praise God!) Thank God our Father for the life of our wonderful Queen Elizabeth, who has acknowledged and served you during her long reign. I pray that her life, example and faith will point the way for many to accept and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, whom she served. I pray also for King Charles 111, the he will be strengthened and blessed at this difficult time of mourning and preparation for his reign over the UK. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Peter, Ipswich Suffolk.

Thank God for the life you lived, your Majesty the Queen. I have ever remained grateful to you. Many years ago in my country of origin,you visited before l was born. After my birth my mum named me Elizabeth after you. May your gentle soul rest in peace Amen.

Elizabeth Amaku, London

Praise God for the life of our dearly loved Queen, Elizabeth 2nd, we treasure every memory of her. She will be in our hearts forever.

Marjorie, Cambridgeshire

Thank you your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II for your 70 faithful years of service and your steadfast faith and trust in God.

Anne, Belfast

God bless you our beautiful Queen xxx

Dawn, Inverness

I give thanks to God our Father for the quite remarkable person that Queen Elizabeth II was, an outstanding example of resolve, service, humility and goodwill to all men. I thank God for His loving gift to our nation over these many years. I pray for King Charles III that he may find You to be his rock and his helper. I pray for our nation that God will bless us at this time with His comfort and renewed trust in Him. Amen

Vivian, Haslemere, Surrey

Your Majesty - Thankyou for the quiet & eloquent way that you shared your Christian Faith during your Christmas broadcasts - messages that deeply influenced my own values & Faith .

Ian, Oxfordshire

Heavenly Father, thank you for Queen Elizabeth 11, I hadn't realised how extremely blessed we were to have her as our Queen, who was also a real blessing to the World! Also thank you for the Royal family, and for our new King Charles 111. Thank you LORD God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords And as Queen Elizabeth 11 proclaimed, The 'Almighty'!

Mrs Yvonne Habkirk, Crawley

Lord Jesus we pray that our late Queen was truly a servant of the people who cared for the nation she served. May she rest in Your loving arms. Pray for King Charles III. Pray for all the royal family grieving Amen.

Shona, Falkirk

Thank you for your service Queen Elizabeth Ma’am. Honoured to have seen you reign with God and now you have cast your crown at the feet of Him who reigns forever more. I spoke with my Grandma who said you visited her primary school in Africa a long time ago and she still remembers the children lining up outside to welcome you to the school. She remarked on how you reigned with grace, dignity and integrity. Thank you for all the great things you have done for the country and the world. What an amazing legacy you left behind. God comfort your family and strengthen their hearts in Jesus name

Ayo, Chatham

I thank God for the life and reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II . Thank you that she is now in God's Kingdom with an eternal crown. I pray that God will bless King Charles III and give him strength and wisdom. Amen.

Belinda, Wolverhampton

I thank God for the life and reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II . Thank you that she is now in God's Kingdom with an eternal crown. I pray that God will bless King Charles III and give him the wisdom that his mother was given. Amen.

Belinda, Wolverhampton

I'm so thankful to God that Queen Elizabeth II was an exemplary example of what it was to live a life of faith through her love for the Lord Jesus her savoiur and redeemer. May I follow in her footsteps each day until that glorious day we are all united with him.

Sharon france, DUNBAR

May God bless you & keep you on the passing away of our Queen. Help the family & ctowds to overcome their grief & King Charles with his new roll as King.

Eileen Margaret Venn, Abbots Langley

Thank you Your Majesty for your devotion to service and to us all. We will miss you forever, we will love you forever. Pax Vobiscum.

Robyn McGrath, Brisbane Qld

My condolences to the Royal family. Thanking Queen Elizabeth ll for her service. Learning of her profound Faith gives me strength, knowing i can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. Angels are rejoicing. RIP

Pauline Richards, Maidstone

Thank you Queen Elizabeth 2nd for your loyalty love and service to our God and Country your God and mine has called you home rest now with jubilation in his arms bask in his warmth love peace and grace you have competed your promise and more a job well done you our fair Queen will be sorely missed x

Kathleen, Duffield Derbyshire

Dear Premier I Thank God for our late beloved and noble Queen Elizabeth 11. She was truly amazing. She was inspiring, committed, full of grace. A good and faithful servant. 70 years she reigned without a murmur right to the end. She was always opened about her beliefs and Faith in God. The Angels will be rejoicing as she is welcomed Home to be with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Amen. Our late beloved and noble Queen Eliabeth R I P. I pray for her family that they are comforted during this very sad time, may the peace of God rest upon each member, Grant them Wisdom and Strength and. Protection in their roll. God bless King Charles 111 Long May he reign. In Jesus Name Amen. ❤️🌈🕊️✝️ Monica Pinner, Middlesex

Monica, Pinner, Middlesex

We give thanks, o LORD, for the dedicated life of Regina Elizabeth Secunda, a world leader in days of growing moral darkness, who has brilliantly shone with a dedication to God, forher subjects and the nations, as a shining light reflecting the LIGHT of St John 1:4-5 that the world cannot comprehend or apprehend. Few Sovereigns in the Bible and in the last two millennia have heeded the injunction of our Covenant LORD to all rulers: Deuteronomy 17:18 ff where Thou requirest a sovereign to make a copy of the WORD and daily read and follow its guidance. Thy humble child, Elizabeth, has been a worthy successor to King James whose translation is still followed worldwide. Thanks too for the confession of faith by his Majesty King Charles III and give that he may follow those worthy footsteps. This asked in the Covenant NAME of the King of Kings to whom all glory be given, Amen.

Rev Dr Stanley Winter Theron, Auckland NZ 0630

To my Queen may you rest in peace,so upset of your passing you were such a GREAT LADY and MONARCH and always be remembered for what you did for our country now you are together with your prince once again sleep well and fly high ❤️❤️ XX

Helen, Manchester

Praise God for the strength, dignity, leadership, the late Her Majesty, epitomised. My thoughts are with the royal family and all who mourn, worldwide on the passing of the Queen. I pray that as we are reminded by the word of God that we are but strangers on this earth, that all those who do not know the Lord Jesus, particularly those in leadership in the United Kingdom including the monarch, will come to His saving knowledge in Jesus Precious name. Olatoyosi Alabi

Olatoyosi, Lagos

Thankyou Jesus for the life of our sovereign Queen and the years of service she gave to us. May she rest in peace and be reunited with her beloved Phillip and know the joy of being with her Heavenly Father who will say “Job well done”…. Our loss is heavens gain..🌈🌈

Kathryn Palmer, Shropshire

Thanks be to God for the life and example of Queen Elizabeth. May her strong faith live on in her family as they seek to serve as she has done.

Margaret, Arbroath

A life well lived. I'm sure she is hearing the words " Well done my good and faithful servant'. RIP Queen Elizabeth 11, in the Everlasting arms of your Lord and Saviour. We are a richer country for your service. What a legacy she has left.

Anne, Coventry

At 83 I have spent my whole life admiring you. Thank you for your wonderful example of faith, love and service. Now may you enjoy eternity at Home with your Lord Jesus.

Elizabeth H, Wimborne

Thank you to Queen Elizabeth the 2nd for your faithful service. I also pray that King Charles, Camilla and other family members will find strength and hope at this time.

Beverley Ann Pillier, Sunnybrow, Crook

You made good your vow to serve your people all your life, such a wonderful example of commitment to duty. I have nothing but admiration and respect for you. RIP

Valerie, Kenilworth

Although expected at some point, I'm still so sad at the death of our Queen. I Can Only Imagine is a beautiful song and I can only imagine how delighted our Lord is at welcoming her into heaven saying 'Welcome, thy good and faithful servant.' I can only imagine that she will be happy and able to rest now, after 70 long years of faithful service. She really is an inspiration and I am so thankful we had a true Christian Queen. We must now pray for our new King, Charles 3rd and hope and trust he will follow in her footsteps and deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ...

Sandra, Malvern

God saved our gracious Queen, Long lived our noble Queen. God saved our Queen. In Christ victorious, Happy, now glorious, Long she reigned over us. God saved our Queen. I thank our gracious Father God for the life and witness of her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth the Great, Elizabeth the Good. He blessed this fair land of ours with the greatest monarch in its history, at a time when the people of her realm were hurrying ever further from him and his ways. In his love, grace and mercy, may he grant her everlasting joy in his presence with brothers and sister from every nation, tribe and tongue, and may he grant this nation further mercy in her successor King Charles III. May the witness of our Sovereign always shine in a land so often darkened by wickedness and vice.

Jem, Birkenhead

Dearest premier family in Christ What an honour to have been born into a generation where Christian values were the norm. I was a little indifferent to Queen Elizabeth, having seen poverty first hand, in the city where I work with the most deprived and Uganda where I visited. However, when she passed the other day I was overwhelmed with grief and loss. It tapped into all my memories of growing up in times when compassion, kindness and serving others was promoted and my normal . After covid restrictions were lifted I said I don’t recognise the world I live in. Slowly Christian values have been edged out of our society And other idols have taken there place. Queen Elizabeth … Thankyou that you walked your talk and declared Jesus Christ as your anchor. As we see the love your nation has for you Hearts pouring on the streets and within homes around the nations… I thsnkyou my queen For your steadfast constant servants heart and pray through this It awakens the memories and lights a fire of faith and hope within your people and we will once again turn our eyes and service to you Jesus . May your passing queen Elizabeth be the light to start the revival fire in this nation of United Kingdom I pray with all my heart in Jesus name

Donn. Ash, Manchester

Thank you for your service Ma'am. Safe in the arms of Jesus.

David, Coventry

Just a prayer 🙏 for the Royal family at this time and to day such a amazing woman and Queen to the country this last 70 years ..... she reminds me of my deceased grandmother of her faith .....

Janette Sommers, Coleraine

Queen Elizabeth 11 had been an inspiration to me since l was young. I really admire her subtle outspoken nature with an exercised respect, humility and her love for humanity that she extended to creating the Commonwealth nations to include my country, Nigeria. I followed the history of the Queen via a film named, 'The Crown' that showed the sacrifices she made as a woman in a domination the then men's world and how she devoted her life to the Public Service. I will surely miss her appearance particularly during the Christmas season. God almighty shall uphold the family and grant them the wisdom and knowledge to serve the country like the Queen Mother. God shall give them the strength to bear the fortitude of their loss, in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. May her gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace, Amen

Oludayo Opanuga Omibiyi, Haringey, London

I Praise and Thank the Lord, for Our late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She had great faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, especially during difficult times she trusted in the Lord and was able to carry on as Head of State serving this great nation, of the United Kingdom and the Common Wealth Countries. I will countinue to pray for King Charles the III, and the Royal families to follow the example our Dear Queen Elizabeth the II to follow Christ Jesus and trust in Him. (Psalm 33: 12 ) "Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord, and the people whom He has chosen as His own inheritance ".

Miss Angela Goonewardene, Clapham, London

I thank God for the life and services of our late queen Elizabeth. She was such a inspiration to our nation. Her commitment and loyal service is an example to us all. Her faith in Jesus Christ guided her throughout her life. She kept her promise to serve which she did with passion. Thank you so much Queen Elizabeth.

Elaine, Hanwell London

Thank you for serving the nation with dignity and humbleness, and your acknowledgment as God as your anchor. Your infectious smile will never be deleted in our thoughts. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith -(2 Timothy4:7-8)

Elizabeth, Greenford

Rest in Peace 🙏🙏🙏

Catherine, Co.Westmeath Ireland

Thank you Heavenly Father for our late Queen Elizabeth ll . For her exemplary example to us all, for her faith in your Son our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for the salvation of King Charles lll and all the royal family as they follow the Queen's example and put their trust in Jesus.

Margaret, Kingsteignton

I remember my dear grandmother being very excited that the Queen was coming to Canada. It was 1959 and I was 6 years old. This never left me and influenced me in some way to be interested in the Royal family. Her Majesty’s love of dogs and horses is near and dear to my heart as well as well as her love of God and the Church. Learning more about her even through NT Wright’s write up makes me think she is someone to follow in kindness and care of others. I have been praying that God would comfort and speak into the lives of the people of England drawing near to Himself in this time is loss.

Colene Thompson, Maple Ridge BC Canada

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