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Pg Radiothon Hope Appeal

Premier Gospel Your Place of Hope Appeal

Your gift to help keep Premier Gospel – Your Place of Hope – on the air!


In these difficult days, we all need a dose of true hope to lift our hearts.

And Premier Gospel is a your place of hope. Bible-soaked music, friendly conversation, and a strong sense of community flow out of every broadcast. It’s a hope-filled station!

Without doubt, Premier Gospel is a true place of hope. And right now that couldn’t be more vital as this harsh lockdown continues and so many people are cut off from their friends, families and churches.

Premier Gospel is a blessing for me and I’m happy to donate to the cause. I pray that this ministry will continue to reach and touch many people’s lives with the gospel.


But give that which is within as charity, and then all things are clean for you.

Luke 11:41

Listen to what Juliet said about Premier Gospel on the video below. Please help us and give your best gift today!


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