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Discover how you can transform your community, your country and the world – through your action, love and prayers.

Around the UK, people like you are changing lives through their involvement in two of Premier’s most important projects. Other people may feel powerless, but you’ll make an impact when you take simple steps to show you care.

Your Community Needs You!

Hybrid Church Charter

During the Pandemic the forced suspension of on-site services caused a transformation in how individuals connected with church.

As the building doors slammed shut the digital doors swung wide open.

For many people, the emergence of digital opening allowed them access and equality with those who had always taken this access for granted.

As social distancing regulations are relaxed it is vital that as we re-open the building doors of the church that we do not shut the digital doors!

Find out more about Hybrid Church Charter


We may not be able to be physically close to people right now, but you can bring your presence into someone’s life by picking up the phone. The power of a phone call can uplift one’s heart and spirit just by the sound and tone of your voice.

Reach out. Be in touch. Touch base. Hold someone’s hand. Be there. Be a light in the darkness. Call 5 people today and make a difference to someone’s day.

Find out more about Call 5.

Call and Care

Many people in our society today are isolated and lonely. The number of people and the intensity of isolation has been exacerbated by the circumstances surrounding the pandemic and varying stages of lockdown.

This is where the Church and local community organisations can be part of the answer and show the love of Jesus by reaching out to those in need of a listening ear and someone to talk to bringing encouragement, hope and a sense of belonging.

Call and Care is a new initiative from Premier providing resources to support and encourage Community Groups (churches and other organisations) to train and equip local volunteers to make contact by telephone with people in their communities.

Together we are changing lives

Your commitment and involvement in our projects and campaigns matters! Read stories from people to whom Premier was a voice a hope.