Remembering Iris

A tribute to Iris


Iris was the youngest child of three born into a Christian family in Catford. 

She died in the same house where she was born and all her life attended Catford Hill Baptist Church, which became Kings Church Catford. 

Following her degree she became a physics teacher at a Christian girls school in East London.  With another colleague they took groups of girls from the school to a Pioneer girls camp in the summer and many of her former pupils say they found the Lord through Iris and the camps.  

She was always a busy person in her early years involved in a number of activities for the church and school and in later years enjoyed travel, reading, carpentry and craft work.  She was never idle.  

Reaching people for the Lord was something Iris was passionate about and she encouraged many of the extended family in their Christian walk.  She also supported many Christian charities whose aim was evangelistic and was a wonderful supporter of Premier’s work over many many years.

She used her savings to help purchase a house in Sidmouth in Devon that went on to become a holiday cottage offering discounted holidays to ministers, missionaries, friends and family and many have good memories of holidays in Sidmouth courtesy of Iris.  

She was a great lady of prayer, generosity and encouragement to family and many charitable causes and was described as a ‘Kingdom Treasure’ at her service of Thanksgiving.  Her love for the Lord never ceased and many will remember her faithful example of a life well lived.

Iris is now with her Lord, and Premier alongside her family, gives thanks, for her faith-filled life, Christian witness, and the immense love she showed to others during her lifetime.

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