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The Word of God

Testimony (6)

”I came from Kenya 21 years ago, and I’ve been listening to Premier Radio for all that time. I’ve been blessed to really be encouraged with the reading of the Word of God.

Worship has been so inspiring to me. I love singing, and it just keeps me going throughout the day. I always put my radio in the kitchen, because most of the time when I’m in the kitchen, I love working, listening to God’s word. And I’ve been encouraged so much. I do my contribution every month. And I will encourage everyone to do the same. Because it’s the best thing to have to do it there. You have the church in the house, your being filled with the Spirit, because God people are praying over you, and you’re listening to the music, which is to worship God. I really, really love Premier Radio.

Thank you very much.”

– Jecinter Firth

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