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Why I left a legacy to Premier

My name is Mary and I’m speaking to you at this very moment from lovely sunny Torquay.

hope and sea

I know I’m in a far more privileged position than some and I do realise this, even more so because I have my daily bread in Premier Christian Radio.

I came to realise that three quarters of an hour a week, maybe on a Sunday is not really sufficient for any of us in terms of our walk with God. Premier Christian Radio gives so much encouragement to all of us.

Without Premier my day would be very, very empty. The Bible tells us we need to fellowship with each other, to stay firm and strong in the Lord. To do that, I have Premier Christian Radio on most of the time. I know what it’s like to be without Premier Christian Radio, we had a time when we couldn’t get it at all and it was devastating, absolutely devastating.  I cannot think of what the world would be like without Premier.

I really see the value of people leaving a legacy to continue the benefits of Premier Christian Radio, not just for our generation, but for future generations, so that Premier can be listened to over the airwaves and benefited from for many, many generations to come. It enables the planning and growth of Premier Christian Radio, that it can go forward, when we’re no longer here for many, many years to come until.

We hear from a lot of people saying how marvellous Premier Christian Radio is and the benefits of Christian radio, but we do have to remember that the money only comes from us, that this is us giving back to the Lord for keeping his Premier Christian Radio station on the airwaves. God loves a generous giver. A happy giver. Don’t hold back!

Listen to the Premier Christian Radio broadcast of the event below:

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