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Your Testimonies on Premier’s 25th anniversary

On our 25th anniversary, we thank you for being part of Premier family

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Premier wouldn’t be anything without you and we love hearing your stories and experiences of how God has spoken to you through Premier.  There are so many examples of how what we do impacts on your walk with Jesus and brings the gospel to those who need to hear it.

“I’ve been listening to Premier for 25 years & have “grown up” in my Christian walk with John Pantry & Rick Easter to name the “old originals”!! What joy to be a recipient of great ministry from such a dedicated team of enthusiastic Christians. My mornings are so blessed by Chuck Swindoll’s ministry followed by Inspirational breakfast. When sleep is difficult during the early hours I am blessed by soothing worship. Thank You Lord for using this station & blessing all the presenters with their various ministries so folk like me can be uplifted, encouraged & blessed in ways I can’t really convey in words, May the joy of the Lord continue to be their strength in every battle they face. It’s a joy to support Premier. I am reminded of Paul’s word to the Corinthian church ” Remember this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, & whoever sows generously will also reap generously.Thanks Premier for sowing the seeds of the gospel generously which will reap a great harvest!” – Sally, Maidstone 

“Premier has been my lifeline since 2004. It has helped me through some difficult times, especially when my mother passed in 2014. The songs, teachings and the presenters are so inspirational. And Premier reaches so many people helping us all with God’s Word to keep us going no matter what it may be. God bless you all for the wonderful work you are doing.We need God’s Word in this nation. Thank you. – Joyce, Streatham 

“For me, Premier has literally been my voice of Hope since I discovered it back in 2014. Just being able to switch on your radio and hear worship and great teaching from the comfort of your own home is a real blessing to me. Not only in these times, but every single day. I have had many things that have happened especially a bereavement in 2017, but Premier has been my constant all the way through, always there for me. I do go to church, but with all of the bad things that happen in the world, you will never know how good it is just to turn on the radio and hear God’s Word and songs of worship. I would like to bless Premier in the same way that Premier has blessed me, thank you Premier for blessing me and feeding me every day. Thank you God for providing such a great radio station.” – Julie, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 


“I’ve been listening to Premier since 1997. The impact that Premier Christian Radio,outreach has on me over the years is countless. It’s been a tremendous blessing even at times when I haven’t been looking or asked God for it, but God has still been at work, going ahead as he does, being mindful of what I need and others I believe even before I’ve even asked or thought about it. Thank you for your committed, work and faithfulness to this ministry.” – Tracey, Catford  

“Premier reminds me everyday of how good God is and how much he loves us unconditionally, through the music, the interviews and the different preachers. I am so grateful to the Premier presenters and their commitment to the radio station and feel privileged to be able to listen without fear of retribution. This is why I feel it is important to support Premier Christian Radio. May God continue to bless you all and your families.” – Arlene, Wolverhampton 


“Moved to the UK 2 years ago from Fiji. Premier has helped me esp. when I have been home sick and missing family. I love the Christian songs, testimonials and sharing of God’s word. Thank you so much!” – Unaisi, Tidmouth  

“Premier has always been a blessing to my family because I can listen to good Bible teaching and worship songs so this ministry has to continue and even become international so I can continue to listen in Africa where I live. God bless.”

“I remember praying for the station just before its launch. My radio alarm wakes me to Inspirational breakfast which is always encouraging and I have recently started switching on the radio at 10pm and go to bed listening to worship songs and hymns. What better way to start and end a day!” – Joyce, Slough

“Premier has been a source of encouragement and strength not only in easier times but also during difficult days.” – Richard, London

“Thank you to Premier. You truly are a “Lifeline”. for all of us listening. I listen every day, and love the teaching, the music, the discussions and the Christian-focused news. We truly feel part of the Premier Christian family.” – Debbie M, London

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