Give Him Five

Give Him Five is Premier’s Lent challenge – devote 5 minutes of your time every day to God during Lent.

With our bite size challenges, you’ll be invited to share your faith, study your Bible, discover new podcasts and videos, pray for others, and more.

We’ll be mixing up what you do every day and hope that some of it might become a habit for you beyond Lent. You can choose whenever suits you – on your morning commute, over lunchtime or in the evening. Start new habits, reconnect with scripture, deepen your relationship with Jesus!

You’ll receive an email every Sunday with inspiration and resources, an email on Monday with the tasks for the coming days, and a text reminder to keep you on track. We’d love to hear how you are doing so please send us feedback, photos and thoughts so that we can share with others.

You can join any time – so come and Give Him Five!

By subscribing to Give Him Five campaign you will receive email and text SMS reminders to keep you on track with your progress during Lent.

Rachel Redeemed from Inspirational Breakfast on Premier Christian Radio would love you to join her as she takes on the Premier Lent Challenge “Give Him Five”!


Hear some Give Him Five testimonies below: 


"Sent my best friend text telling her what it means to have her I in my life, we met up for lunch and she told me that it was the nicest thing anyone has never said to her, that it was a lovely text to receive. The challenges have made we realise that Lent is more giving out to others than giving up. Thank you."

"The 2nd week of challenges were challenging for me. But I made sure I completed each and every one of them. I tried something new... I am not very in tune with technology but I listened to my first ever podcast I am so happy it was linked to Christianity. Taking the time out and giving a call to someone who you had not spoken to for ages was brilliant. They were ever so grateful for the phone call and I was able to add them to my prayer list after speaking to them."

"The daily challenges has helped to focus on God even in the busiest of days when it's easy to forget about his goodness and mercy."

"I just want to say thank you for making me part of this . It's helped me to connect to God and people in a special way."

"Wednesday really moved me in ways I was not expecting. I sat down in a room by myself I shut my eyes so I could focus solely on my breathing and God. My mind was filled with ways he has helped me I found myself repeatedly saying out loud 'Thank you for the cross' over and over again. I know we were meant to give him 5 but I found myself in this position for 10mins and was in tears not sad but happy tears at the end it was so emotional and so spiritual. I just cleared my mind and opened my heart."