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If the answer to your question is not on this page please contact us directly. You can also read about our annual Impact report where you can find details on our financial year.



Premier Radio and Magazines

Why can’t I receive Premier radio stations in my area?

Premier Christian Radio can be received in the majority of the UK and Northern Ireland on digital radio (DAB). We broadcast on DAB2 which can be received by 80% of the population. In addition you can listen on Freeview TV Channel 725 and within Greater London and Surrey on MW 1305, 1332, 1413, 1566. Premier Praise is available on DAB Radio across most of the UK and Northern Ireland. Premier Gospel is available in Greater London and Surrey on DAB. All three stations are available to listen to via your smart phone or PC via the Premier app and on the Radioplayer app. Go to for a postcode checker to identify what Premier stations are available where you live.

I live in a part of the UK which cannot receive Premier on DAB digital radio, are there any plans to extend your coverage to my area?

Premier Christian Radio and Premier Praise broadcast nationally on DAB radio, while Premier Gospel can be heard in London and Surrey on DAB radio. Premier Christian Radio can also be heard on Freeview (Digital TV) Channel 725 in the vast majority of the UK as well as on MW within London and Surrey. However there are some areas of the UK (these include parts of; East Anglia, mid Wales, northern Scotland, Scottish borders, coastal fringes of Sussex and Kent, Cumbria and  pockets of population in the south-west of England). Go to for a postcode checker to identify what Premier stations are available where you live.
The topography of where listeners live also affects reception, meaning if you struggle to receive a strong FM Radio signal or mobile service your DAB radio coverage may be affected. Along with other radio stations we have lobbied the company in charge of national DAB transmissions to build further transmitters to extend the coverage further. If funds allow, Premier may also attempt to be carried by smaller localised DAB transmitters to extend our coverage, although this depends on availability of slots as well as funds. Transmission costs are very considerable. A further option to consider if you cannot listen to us on DAB radio is via a smart phone. All three of our radio stations are available to listen to via the Premier app and on the Radioplayer app on a smartphone. Or you can listen via our website on a PC or laptop. A further option is to purchase an Internet radio which connects to web based radio stations via your home broadband connection if you have one. We recommend you get advice from a reputable electronics supplier before making a purchase, you can expect to pay around £100 for a portable Internet radio. 

How can I listen to Premier in my car?

Most new cars fit DAB radio as standard, so when buying new or used cars ask for a model that includes DAB radio. It is easy and fairly cheap to adapt an existing car radio into a DAB radio. Ask at your car dealer, car audio specialist or Halfords. Prices vary but are typically around £90 including fitting. 

I can’t get Premier on the digital radio in my home what can I do?

Go to for a postcode checker to identify what Premier stations are available where you live. Premier Christian Radio can be received in the majority of the UK and Northern Ireland on DAB. We broadcast on DAB2 which can be received by 80% of the population. In addition you can listen on Freeview TV Channel 725 and within Greater London and Surrey on MW 1305, 1332, 1413, 1566. Premier Praise is available on DAB Radio across most of the UK and Northern Ireland. Premier Gospel is available in Greater London and Surrey on DAB. All three stations are available to listen to via your smart phone or PC via the Premier app and on the Radioplayer app. 

How can I retune my radio or digital TV to get Premier?

New digital stations become available in your air on a fairly regular basis. Periodically you can retune your digital radio or TV to see what stations are available. Look out for a retune or menu button and follow the on screen instructions or written guide supplied with your set. Retuning procedures vary according the radio or TV set you have, however it is usually fairly simple and takes only a few minutes. 

How big is the Premier audience? How many listen to the radio stations, read their magazines and visit their websites?

A survey of 8,000 adults by ComRes in 2018 revealed that 3 million people have listened to a Premier radio station sometime. In terms of regular listeners, Premier Christian Radio attracts the largest audience to any Christian radio station in the UK, 1.2 million tune in every week and over half a million listen every morning to its Inspirational Breakfast Show. Premier Praise attracts 950,000 listeners each week, while Premier Gospel has a weekly audience of 765,000. There were 7.6 million visits to Premier websites in 2017, with 3.1 million views of Premier videos on YouTube. Over 40,000 people receive our daily news e-send. Over half a million copies of Premier Christianity, Voice of Hope and Premier Youth & Children’s Work magazine are published every year. 

Why don’t Premier and UCB merge?

Both Premier and UCB create Christian radio programmes for digital radio (DAB) broadcasts to the UK and Ireland. The CEOs of Premier and UCB are in regular contact, they consider Premier and UCB have complimentary ministries. Both groups have unique strengths and attempt in their own way to reach the UK with the gospel. In a multimedia age it is important that there is a large Christian presence in TV, Radio, the Internet and Magazines. Both groups engage in a wide range of activity to strengthen and encourage people in their Christian faith. At this time we feel we can do more independently than in joining together.

Isn’t Premier just a radio station?

Premier is involved in many ministries to support people on their faith journey and helps them put their faith into action by providing spiritual nourishment and resources. These include:
– Three radio stations (Premier Christian Radio, Premier Gospel, Premier Praise)
– Three magazines (Premier Christianity, Premier Youth & Childrenswork, Voice of Hope, Woman Alive)
– Conferences, Awards & Events (Unbelievable? the Conference, Woman to Woman, Premier Digital Conference and Awards, Love Britain & Ireland Awards, Society Sunday, Premier Gospel Awards)
– Digital resources (multiple blogs, websites and e-sends)
We touch more than one and a quarter million people’s lives every week through radio, magazines, interactive websites with on-demand video and audio, as well as through our telephone helpline, Premier Lifeline. Premier’s mission is to enable people to put their faith at the heart of daily life and to bring Christ into their communities. We are a strong Christian voice across the UK and beyond. 

How can I get copies of Voice of Hope, Premier Christianity or Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine?

Visit these websites for info, sample copies and to subscribe; or or 

What programmes are available to listen as podcasts?

The full range of Premier podcasts are listed on our podcast page: and are available on iTunes and other podcast apps. 

What is the difference between Premier Christian Radio, Premier Praise and Premier Gospel radio stations?

Premier Christian Radio is predominantly a speech based station which includes teaching and magazine programmes, news and discussion, plus a wide range of Christian music.
Premier Praise is predominantly music based with a mix of contemporary praise and worship, plus news, Bible readings and a prayer at the top of each hour.
Premier Gospel is a predominantly gospel music-based station plus a mix of reggae, jazz, hip hop, Latin and African-infused gospel. 

Where can I find the listings of what programmes are on when on Premier radio stations?

Voice of Hope is published quarterly and includes full radio listings which are also available to view online at:, and 

Are Premier radio programmes available to download to listen to again?

All Premier Christian Radio and Premier Gospel programmes are available through streaming to listen again for 30 days via, but are not available to download for copyright reasons. Direct to podcasts for downloadable radio products. 

Why does Premier add disclaimer messages around your radio teaching programmes?

On Premier Christian Radio we broadcast teaching programmes created by various Christian ministries from the UK and overseas. In liaison with the broadcast regulator, we agreed to air these in order to ensure the audience are aware of the fact that we aim to represent the breadth of views from across the church, and ensure audiences understand how they can provide feedback if they disagree with the teacher on an issue they have raised

Premier Finances

Why does Premier need financial support?

Premier is one of the most cost effective Christian ministries operating in the UK today. The activities which Premier engages in are designed to help people in a way that is ‘free at the point of need.’ You can listen to any of the three Premier radio stations for free. You can visit the in depth Christian website for free. You can receive ‘Voice of Hope’ Premier’s quarterly devotional for free. And you can call Premier Lifeline, the National Christian Helpline, for free. In order to address the huge loss of children and young people from our churches you can access lots of resources from our dedicated websites, for free. All of this is free, but none of it is cheap.  

If Premier stopped making these resources available hundreds of thousands of people would be spiritually poorer. Churchgoing in the UK is at an all-time low with many major denominations facing extinction. This is not a time to be timid but is a crisis for the Christian faith in the UK. Just as the local church has weekly offerings in order to enable its ministry so Premier raises funds to engage in mission. In partnership with many thousands of dedicated supporters Premier has reached out beyond the walls of the church since 1995 and has seen the Lord faithfully supply all its needs.

How many listeners support Premier?

Currently around 6% of our listeners give to Premier, while we recognise that not everyone may be in a position to give, we hope and ask regular listeners to support Premier to ensure it stays on air. 

What percentage of Premier’s income comes from commercial income compared to donations?

In the financial year 2016-17 Commercial income covered around 36% of our costs. The rest of our income come from General Donations 37%, Regular Giving 26%, and Legacies 1%.  

How can I give money to support Premier?

Gifts can be made online at or call our free donation phone line on 0800 74 77 77. Cheques payable to Premier Christian Media Trust can be sent by post to Freepost RTSC-JUAB-XTKG, Premier, Unit 6, April Court, Sybron Way, Crowborough TN6 3DZ. Your donation can be boosted by 25p for every £1 you donate at no cost to you if you are a UK taxpayer. Let us know when you donate if you want to gift aid your donation. Thank you. 

How much does it cost to keep Premier going?

It costs around £8.5m to pay for transmission costs, salaries, magazines, events etc.

How do I leave a legacy to Premier?

By considering Premier in your will, you will be leaving an incredible legacy to future generations, a strong Christian voice, a witness and a calling to Christ. To find out how to include Premier in your will email [email protected] or call us on 0300 777 1221. 

Is Premier a profit making business or a charity?

Any surpluses at the end of the financial year are ploughed back into the ministry of Premier. Premier consists of Premier Christian Media Trust registered as a charity (No 287610) and as a company limited by guarantee (No 01743091) with two fully owned trading subsidiaries; Premier Christian Communications Ltd (Company No 02816074) and Christian Communications Partnership Ltd (Company No 03422292). All three companies are registered in England & Wales, our registered office address is 22 Chapter Street, London SW1P 4NP.  


Is Premier just for one part of the church?

Premier exists to support, resource and encourage all Christians no matter what church, denomination or stream they do or do not belong to. We are affiliate members of the Evangelical Alliance ( ) and adhere to their basis of faith. 

If I donate to Premier won’t that take funds away from my church?

We encourage everyone to think and pray about what causes they support financially and prayerfully. We want to support and compliment the church in all its many wonderful expressions, while recognising that some people for various reasons may be unable or unwilling to attend a church. For many people Premier is a vital and important aid to help their faith in Christ to maintain and grow and develop, which they wish to support to ensure its continued existence. 

We believe Premier will strengthen the ministry of your church to your locality. Thousands of people within a few miles of your church building are receiving ministry from Premier every hour of every day. It is a complimentary ministry which churches across the country support. 

Is Premier a church, or trying to be a church?

No. Premier is determined to bring the whole of the gospel from the whole of the church to the whole of the UK. 

What is Society Sunday and how can my church take part?

The Sunday nearest The Queens official birthday, has been designated as Civic Sunday. For several years Premier has resourced churches to invite their MP, MEPs, Councillors, Mayors, Police and Crime Commissioners to attend a Sunday Service and be prayed for. Premier believes this: a) counters trends towards secularisation and the tendency to treat politics and government as separate from other values and activities in communities, and b) deepens relations between faith groups and their elected representatives. It sits in line with Biblical tradition in praying for Leaders. Since 2017 we also have encouraged churches to nominate ‘local heroes’ who are making their communities a better place to live in for recognition, thanks and prayers at the Society Sunday service. Premier also organise a national Society Sunday service held at Methodist Central Hall London, which is broadcast later that day on Premier Christian Radio. For further information visit 


How can my church get bulk copies of Voice of Hope?

Visit or phone 020 7316 1487 during weekday office hours.

How can the youth and children’s work in my church be resourced by Premier?

Premier have been publishing resources to help youth and children’s ministry for over two decades. Youth and Children’s Work Magazine is published monthly for a subscription of just under £40 per year. However its curriculum resources are available free online – go to 

Is Premier trying to compete with church or complement church?

We are trying to complement church and help enable it to minister well in a digital age.  

Premier Lifeline

What is Premier Lifeline, how and when can I get in touch?

Premier Lifeline: the National Christian Helpline is a confidential telephone helpline offering a listening ear, emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective, prayer and signposting. If you would like someone to talk to and pray for you, give us a call. Premier Lifeline is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). Our telephone number is 0300 111 0101 (Landline Rate – included in call packages where landline calls are included). For further information go to 

How will my confidentiality be protected if I phone Lifeline?

When you dial Premier Lifeline your telephone number will be anonymised and forwarded to the Lifeline volunteer. They will not know your number, location or be able to trace your call in any way and so your confidentiality and anonymity can be guaranteed at all times.

What safeguards are in place to protect vulnerable callers to Lifeline?

As your call is completely anonymous and confidential then all you are protected as long as you do not give personal information to the Lifeline volunteers. Our Lifeline volunteers are specifically instructed not to ask for your personal details to ensure your confidentiality and safety is protected. Premier Lifeline is affiliated to several professional bodies, including the Christian Helplines Association (CHA), Christian Healing UK (CHUK), and is part of the community of The Helplines Partnership (THP). 

How many people phone Lifeline on a typical month?

In an average month Premier Lifeline will receive approximately 12,000 calls. 

I’m interested in volunteering with Lifeline, what’s involved and how do I apply?

Calls to Premier Lifeline are answered by a team of trained volunteers who commit to give three to four hours per week on a regular basis.  We offer thorough training to prepare you to take calls. For more information please visit 

Where can I find answers to typical lifestyle, relationship and ethical decisions?

Premier wants to help you find the answers to the issues you experience in your everyday life and we have created the Premier Life website which has a range of resources. 

If I phone Premier Lifeline how much will the phone call cost me?

The cost for the 0300 111 0101 number for Premier Lifeline will be the same as the charge made by your provider for calls to landlines. If landline calls are free as part of your telephone  package then calls to Lifeline will be free. 

Sometimes when I phone Lifeline I have to wait in a phone queue for an answer, why is there sometimes a delay?

We ensure there are always volunteers on duty during our opening hours but demand for Premier Lifeline fluctuates throughout the time it is open. At times of higher demand people are kept in a queue until the next Lifeliner is available. We plan to increase the number of volunteers over the next few years but it takes time and money to recruit, train and support Lifeliners, currently the demand often outstrips supply meaning callers have to wait before a Lifeliner becomes available to take the call. 

Care of people & data

What data records do Premier hold about people?

Premier holds names, postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and where appropriate bank details of supporters and subscribers. We rarely share this data with a third party and then only with your express permission. We take protecting the data we get from you very seriously. Kevin Bennett, the Chief Operating Officer, oversees the safe storage and use of our data.

Who do I inform of a change of address or if I want you to remove me from your records?

Email us at; [email protected] 

Does Premier ask vulnerable or very old people for their money?

Premier always aims to demonstrate compassion towards its supporters and avoid any circumstances which exploit vulnerability. It will do everything it can in order to assist its supporters to make an informed decision about the support they choose to give to Premier. Premier does not use any external telephone fundraising agencies, all fundraising calls are made by Premier staff. Premier does not accept donations where it has reason to believe that the donor may be experiencing vulnerable circumstances and that accepting the donation would be ethically wrong and/or harmful to the donor.  

Premier does not wholly identify vulnerable adults based on disability or age or any other social indicator, but deals with each donor on a case-by-case basis. For instance people of advanced age would not be deemed to be vulnerable based simply on their age.  However Premier operates on the principal of no outbound telephone fundraising with supporters who are over 90 years old (where their age is known) except in circumstances when the elderly supporter has specifically requested ongoing telephone contact. 

Should a situation arise where Premier becomes aware that it has unknowingly accepted a donation from an individual during a time that he or she was experiencing vulnerable circumstances, it will contact the donor in writing offering a refund of the gift/s. Should Premier receive information regarding a supporter’s vulnerability from a third party, it will act on any request to alter the supporter’s preferences providing the third party can provide satisfactory evidence that he or she has the authority to act on behalf of the supporter. 

I don’t agree with something I heard on Premier, how can I make a response or complaint?

Email your complaint to Right of Reply at: 

I have heard that you can send Premier your prayer requests, how does that work?

Every weekday prayer requests get prayed for liver on air on Premier Christian radio’s Inspirational Breakfast Show at 7.15am. These requests then get passed to Premier Lifeline’s prayer team. You can send your prayer request by texting 66777 – start your text with the word Premier. Or email [email protected] 

Premier often broadcast or print stories from listeners and readers giving their testimonies, how are these stories collected?

People often contact Premier with a story of what Premier means to them. If we would like to use their story on air, in print or in digital format we contact the person to ask for their permission and sometimes to get more details about their story. These testimonies are incredibly encouraging to staff and supporters of Premier as they detail the many and varied ways God is at work through Premier blessing and helping individual people, often through challenging times. We normally change the name and use stock photo shots to protect the identity of the person. 

Opportunities At Premier

Are there any job vacancies at Premier?

We regularly recruit for new staff, these posts are advertised here: 

How can I get involved in helping Premier as a volunteer?

There are various ways you could help Premier. For more information go to: 

Can I get work experience at Premier?

Yes, but we get more requests for work experience than we can accommodate. Email your request to [email protected] 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is Premier just a London and South-East England based organisation?

Premier exists to serve the whole of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It also has listeners/ readers from all over the world. Our staff come from all over and work hard to reflect the interests, needs and news of people from throughout the British Isles. 

What is Premier’s mission statement?

Premier exists to enable people to put their faith at the heart of daily life and to bring Christ to their communities. 

My church or Christian organisation is doing something newsworthy. How can it get coverage on Premier?

Send your press release or information in an email to [email protected] for consideration. We are unable to cover every story but we are on the lookout for things we think our audience will be interested in from throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. 

How can I get my book, CD or other product reviewed on Premier media platforms?

Currently the only Premier brand which runs reviews of books and CDs is Premier Christianity magazine. Go to this website to learn where to send your book or CD for consideration

I heard a song played on Premier but can’t remember the name – how can I find that out?

It’s very difficult for us to be able to work out the title of a particular track you heard played on one of our radio stations. However if you know the exact day and time it was played and on which of our three radio stations, we may be able to help. Email your request to: [email protected] 

I would like to request a song or name check someone I know on a Premier radio station – how can I do that?

Visit the station website and click on the ‘Contact the show’ section to tweet, phone or text your message at or or 

Why do you usually put a photo of an attractive woman on the cover of Voice of Hope magazine?

We have chosen to select similar images on the cover which we hope will relate to the majority of the target group, which are 30 to 50-something females. Although we have many readers who do not fit that demographic, and who we hope will also enjoy this free title, this demographic is the target for the largest and widest reaching brand within the Premier family – that of Premier Christian Radio. We have chosen not to vary the typical cover image so that the first issue seen by new readers to the title has a cover image that statistically has been proven to initially attract interest. Once the reader picks up Voice of Hope they will discover the imagery inside is very varied, including, landscapes and images from creation as well as people of both sexes, varied ages and ethnicity. In order to draw the most people to open the title for the first time a human face with eyes that look out from the page has been shown in many studies to be the most appealing and most cost effective in terms of growing new readers. 

How can I get a ticket to Unbelievable? conference, Woman to Woman Conference, Digital Conference & Awards, Carol Service at Methodist Central Hall?

All Premier events are listed at and tickets are available online. 

What events does Premier organise?

All Premier events are listed at and tickets are available online. 

What books have Premier published, how can I find out more about them and order one?

Premier typically publish two books a year in partnership with other Christian publishers. Premier branded books include: 

– Be Still & Know: 365 Bible-based devotionals to help you grow in your faith by Dr Micha Jazz 

– Woman to Woman Prayer Journal 

– Unbelievable? Why after 10 years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian by Justin Brierley 

– If Entrepreneurs Ran The Church, New visions for an old church by Peter Kerridge 

– Leadership Road Less Travelled, Leading as God intended by Andy Peck 

– Premier Bible, New Living Translation (Anglicised) published August 2018  

All Premier books can be purchased via the Premier Shop at 

How can I submit my song to be considered for your playlist?

Send a download link to [email protected], or send a CD to Premier Christian radio, Station Director, 22 Chapter Street, London SW1P 4NP. Please note we will not return the CD to you unless you supply a self-addressed padded envelope with sufficient postage stamps.

How do I find out if I have won a prize in a Premier competition?

We always contact competition winners to give them the good news. If in doubt email [email protected] 

I have not yet received the prize I won on Premier who do I contact?

If an advert plays on a Premier radio station, or is printed in one of your publications or appears online, does that mean Premier approves of that product or organisation?

The acceptance of an advertisement in print, radio or online does not indicate endorsement. The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC) is commercial radio’s advertising clearance body, responsible for clearing national and regional advertising campaigns and ‘special category’ advertisements for broadcast, by checking that they comply with the Radio Authority’s Advertising and Sponsorship Code. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulate most adverts and promotions across all media. 

What is Premier’s position on issues that are controversial and where Christians do not always agree?

Premier seeks to reflect and report on the activity of all parts of the church in the UK. Our editorial approach emphasises the beliefs and values that Christians generally hold in common. We believe that throughout the years that God has blessed Premier with resources and media platforms to communicate through, that our mandate is to be there and report on all those who would say ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’. Therefore we cover stories and give space on pages in our magazines, and airtime on our radio stations to the many and various churches, ministries, denominations and movements. 

We recognise that no individual or church, denomination or Christian organisation always gets everything right and has its faults and failings, Premier included. Nevertheless we aim to reflect the wider work of what God is doing in His church, in all its many and varied forms. Premier are affiliate members of the Evangelical Alliance. 

Why does Premier add disclaimer messages around your radio teaching programmes?

On Premier Christian Radio we broadcast teaching programmes created by various Christian ministries from the UK and overseas. In liaison with the broadcast regulator, we agreed to air these in order to ensure the audience are aware of the fact that we aim to represent the breadth of views from across the church, and ensure audiences understand how they can provide feedback if they disagree with the teacher on an issue they have raised.