A message from Peter Kerridge

A new season

As the nights draw in and the glorious summer of 2018 fades into our golden memories I thought I should write to let you know how Premier has fared. 
Whilst the summer was indeed remarkable the combination of Brexit anxiety, World Cup uncertainty and heat induced lethargy all combined to cook up a perfect storm. 

Premier faced some of the worst months in our history for financial support. And this meant that as we entered September we had exhausted our reserve and faced a loss of around £400,000. 

However, by the grace of God and with the outstanding prayerful support of people like you Premier received unprecedented gifts in the final weeks of September. This enabled us to reverse our financial position and end the financial year with a surplus of over £100,000. 
Thank you for the part you played in enabling this. It was both humbling and heartening to experience such generosity. 

I truly believe that the Lord has raised up Premier for a purpose. Premier exists to enable people to put their faith at the heart of daily life and bring Christ to their communities. Never has this been more important. 

As the role of the state has been pared back it’s clear that many social problems have been exacerbated. Youth crime appears to be exploding all across the UK. To help combat this Premier has launched ‘Peace on our Streets’ a prayer initiative to help you and Christians in your area literally pray away crime in your postcode. Thousands of Christians and churches have already signed up and it would be great if you could add your support by visiting www.peaceonourstreets.org.uk

Finally I’ve got some really exciting news regarding Premier’s Transmission. It brings with it an opportunity and a challenge. 

Recently we have been informed by the firm who have the monopoly on UK broadcast transmitters that they have added 19 new transmitters to the network. 

This means that four million more listeners can now access Premiers broadcasts. Coverage of the UK has risen from 77% of the population to 83%. This means that listeners in parts of East Anglia, the South West, Kent, South Wales and North East Scotland can all now access Premiers programmes. 

However, with the opportunity comes extra cost. Contractually they are entitled to charge an extra premium for five transmitters per year. This means that for the final part of 2018 we will be charged for an extra 5 transmitters and for a further 5 more in 2019. This cost will roll up year on year for the next four years. 

Please pray for Premier in these coming days. The audience is currently the strongest of any Christian radio station in the world and there is obviously the opportunity to reach more people. This is quite remarkable when the church is so very challenged on many fronts.

However, with funding so fragile Premier needs to be wise as we circumnavigate a way forward. 

Thank you again for your partnership and prayers. It is so appreciated. 

May the Lord bless you. 

Peter Kerridge