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Premier provides - free of charge - a wide range of email newsletters. Take your pick from the list below and get inspiring and engaging Christian content direct to inbox every week.

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Ignite - The best of Premier delivered every Tuesday
Daily News - News from a Christian perspective every day by 8am
Be Still & Know - A daily devotion to help you grow in your faith
Premier Christian Radio - The best from Premier Christian Radio in your inbox every Monday
Premier Christianity - The latest thought-provoking content weekly from Premier Christianity
Premier Youth and Children's Work - Ideas, resources and guidance for those in youth and children's ministry, delivered biweekly
Premier Praise - A weekly email designed to bring you music on the go, images and ideas to inspire you wherever you are
Premier Gospel - News, reviews and the best in Gospel music in your inbox every other Monday
Premier Digital - Make an impact online for the Kingdom with this inspiring and equipping content delivered monthly
Leaders - A weekly email for leaders who want to be encouraged and informed
Grace for Today - An inspiring piece of scripture delivered to your inbox every evening
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Premier hold names and addresses on computer for the purpose of keeping their supporters up to date with their ministry and other issues of Christian concern.

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