Featured Winner: The Wild Goose Cafe

Love Britain & Ireland Award

The Wild Goose Drop-In Centre provides hot meals, shower facilities, clothing and toiletries four days a week and an evening meal six nights a week for those in extreme poverty and need. It is open to everyone, with no means testing or referral needed, so anyone from any background can come along (and many do), making it accessible to those who get easily forgotten or sidelined by mainstream systems, and an overloaded government provision with very long waiting lists.

The centre also serves as a hub in signposting to appropriate voluntary and council services for service users, as well as providing volunteering opportunities and access points for agencies working with this client group.
The volunteer team consists of hundreds of people from all traditions and denominations of church, all over Bristol.

What the Wild Goose Drop-in Centre does:

  • Provides breakfast and lunch four days a week and an evening meal six nights a week for all, especially those in extreme poverty and need. This food is largely donated through diversion from waste (on or after sell by but on or before use by date) from wholesalers, supermarkets and local cafés - saving on a vast volume of food waste and producing an excellent mutually beneficial partnership and witness to businesses in Bristol.
  • Gives out clothing, toiletries and access to phones etc as people need. Engages in conversations with people to show them that they are worth being listened to. 
  • Hosts advisory sessions about housing, finance, employment, health, citizens' rights, alcohol and drug issues in partnership with local statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • Hosts a weekly medical clinic (the 'wet clinic') for street drinkers, which is a trap many of the homeless community in Bristol find themselves in.
  • Provides appropriate work and support for volunteers - a great variety for all personalities and confidence levels, accessible and open to all skill levels. All church backgrounds get involved, providing an excellent example of church unity in action, as well as building a very strong reputation for showing genuine compassion through action in the secular community.
  • Engages with young people and schools to increase awareness of homelessness issues – which it does effectively with the churches that regularly work with the Wild Goose as volunteers.

This project witnesses the free and lavish love of Jesus to the poorest members of society in Bristol, and to the wider community as a result, and has enabled broken and forgotten lives to be changed.

Jonnie Angel from the Wild Goose Cafe was on Inspirational Breakfast on 24th October and spoke with 


The Love Britain + Ireland Award for...

  • Community Building
    Awarded to an outstanding project building relationships with people and communities of different faiths.
  • Work with the Disadvantaged
    Awarded to an outstanding project reaching and supporting people struggling in our communities.
  • Inclusion
    Awarded to an outstanding project supporting and serving people with additional needs.
  • Start up projects
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has been launched since 1st October 2016.  
  • Work with Older People
    Awarded to an outstanding project serving and supporting older people in the local community.
  • Social Justice
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has sought to bring about a real change in community life through a local campaign
  • Youth and Children's Work
    Awarded to an outstanding project that is transforming the lives of children and young people in a local community.