Northern Ireland

Meet the finalists from Northern Ireland.

 The Stormont Hotel in Belfast was the venue for the Northern Ireland regional event of the The Love Britain and Ireland Awards on Thursday 24th June.


Name of Project

Community Building

Life builders gym/ Kilkeel Presbyterian Church

A non-profit, volunteer-run gym, focused around faith and community. Located in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland.

Community Building


Jubilee is a Christian creation care organisation. Our mission is to practice and promote care farming, community-supported agriculture (CSA), and conservation education and engagement, in a manner which inspires change within local churches and communities to care for creation.


LCC Community Trust

LCC Community Trust provides a safe, nurturing and friendly environment for individuals experiencing a vulnerable time in their lives. The Foodbank service provides emergency food parcels to clients operating on a voucher system through our 83 referral agencies within the city. Community Café space allows service users to attend workshops, learn, build confidence and take the opportunity to make new friends. This environment is also used as an area for support groups, befriending and mentoring meetings to take place for both LCCCT and a number of our referral partners. Our Social Supermarket project comes alongside service users to equip and empower them with the necessary skills to re-engage with support and lead a fulfilling life.  Our heart is to see poverty eradicated in our city and to show people the love and hope of God through meeting their needs at a practical level.

Social Justice

Institute for Conflict Research

Specialises in working on issues related to conflict, human rights, social transformation and social justice.

Social Justice

Teen Challenge NI

They centre their teaching on Jesus Christ. They help addicts come off substances. They remove the addict from their environment and bring them to a secluded beautiful house in England. This gives addicts a much higher chance of recovery.

Start up

Church of God Shankill and Conway Youth Centre

Church of God Shankill and Conway Youth Centre is a faith based community outreach project that serves the Greater Shankill Area of Belfast, one of the most deprived communities in the UK. They run an Outgrown School Uniform project to help and support families that struggle to afford school uniforms for their children.

Work with Older People

Glen Community Church

GCC is part of St Mark's Church of Ireland Parish. It was founded almost 5 years ago and held in the local primary school. A Christian organisation whose members have a common interest in praising the Lord and sharing his word. There are various youth and men's groups, Bible Study classes, Sunday Worship, family days, residential. This is just a brief description of the work which is done. The Church Leader is passionate about his love for God and very creative regarding encouraging young people into Church and new followers of Christ.

Work with the Disadvantaged

Via Wings

Based in Dromore, Northern Ireland, helps change lives by lifting people up on Wings like Eagles. Through a number of projects, including a foodbank and counselling services, working to help break the cycle of poverty or

Work with the Disadvantaged


Provides furniture clothes and food to those in need.

Youth and Children's Work

Love for Life

LOVEFORLIFE is an independent Christian charity, working to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to make good choices when it comes to relationships and sex.

Youth and Children's Work

The Big House

The Big House exists to help young people know God’s love as they encounter Jesus and are cared for by the church, especially when life is difficult. Through camps, workshops, training and counselling. 

Here are a few pictures from the night and some of our Finalists going on to the finals later in the year (October) in London.

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The Love Britain + Ireland Award for...

  • Community Building
    Awarded to an outstanding project building relationships with people and communities of different faiths.
  • Work with the Disadvantaged
    Awarded to an outstanding project reaching and supporting people struggling in our communities.
  • Inclusion
    Awarded to an outstanding project supporting and serving people with additional needs.
  • Start up projects
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has been launched since 1st October 2016.  
  • Work with Older People
    Awarded to an outstanding project serving and supporting older people in the local community.
  • Social Justice
    Awarded to an outstanding project which has sought to bring about a real change in community life through a local campaign
  • Youth and Children's Work
    Awarded to an outstanding project that is transforming the lives of children and young people in a local community.