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One of the ways we can help children to engage with God is through story. More

It’s a common misconception that when we become Christians, all of a sudden life becomes a breeze and things get easier... More

Are we setting enough time aside to talk to God? More

Without Jesus’ resurrection, the Christian faith doesn’t make sense. More

This ebook contains the stories of four people from different walks of life who have truly experienced what it means to be ‘in Christ’, getting rid of the old and embracing the new. More

We’ve all been there. It’s mere hours before a youth group or Sunday School and your plan is just missing… something. Well, help is at hand. More

The Bible isn’t always that easy to understand. Sometimes reading a text can present us with more questions than answers. More

This free eBook is about people whose stories aren’t finished yet. People who have experienced great trials, yet have seen God’s hand at work, even through tough times. More

Get the new free eBook 5 Stories of Transformation. More