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Anchor of the soul – Ruth’s story

Ruth was born with cerebral palsy. She is wheelchair bound and lives alone, unable to venture out of the house very often apart from on Sunday mornings when she worships at her local church.

Lady In Wheelchair

Here Ruth and her sister-in-law, Sandra, share how God has stayed close to Ruth through all the years of disability and hardship and the role that Premier has played in supporting her journey of faith.

What was it like growing up for you and have you always known Jesus? 

S: Because of Ruth’s disability from birth she went away from home at the age of two to a hospital in Bath where they said they could get her walking. She was put in lead boots but unfortunately they didn’t manage to get Ruth mobile. 

She then went to a different school for the handicapped. Ruth spent all her life until she was 20 years old not having a room of her own. She never had a bedroom to herself. But then she went to a place in Taunton and they really worked to get Ruth independent. And through being there Ruth was able to move into a little flat and eventually come to her bungalow here. 

R: I’ve been here now, nearly 30 years. 

I became a Christian when I was 11 years old. I remember going back to boarding school after the holidays and we had to share what we’d done over the break. I told my classmates that I became a Christian. 

S: Ruth’s crying now. She’s a bit emotional. 

What is daily life like for you now? 

R: Helpers come in every day to get my lunch and get me dressed. I don’t get out much but I go to church on a Sunday morning, and once a month they have a tea afternoon which I like. 

Every day I put Premier radio on. It’s great to have someone else talking on the radio. It’s company. When I have Premier on, the carers come in and sometimes they listen with me. They ask me what it is and I tell them that without the Lord, I wouldn’t be here now. 

S: The Lord is Ruth’s comfort and saviour. She’s very happy. She inspires people. 

Since Ruth’s father died, 8 years ago, Ruth has become more independent. She’s really gained her freedom, in the sense of freedom in Christ. She’s become a very inspiring lady. We have become very close in the last couple of years. I look at Ruth and I see how she’s determined to keep going despite all her pain and disability. Her faith – it’s inspiring! 

Is there a message you’d like to give to the team at Premier? 

S: Thank you so much for all the wonderful ministries. I don’t think you can imagine the blessing that Premier is when you are housebound. Quite often, the messages meet a particular need that you have that day – the Lord knows and blesses through Premier Christian Radio. 

When you are either elderly or disabled like Ruth and you’re shut in a lot of the day, it’s very very lonely at times but with the radio you’re always in touch and you’re blessed by the ministry. It’s such great company for Ruth. 

R:  I appreciate Premier very much. Thank you very much indeed! 

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