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I’m an HGV lorry driver I listen to Premier Christian Radio most days whilst I’m in the truck. I listened to a statement that pastor Judah read out on air a couple of days ago and it brought me to tears. Everything the pastor said summed me up and as I drove up the M40 I found myself praying the prayer that he read out. I’ve been a believer for a very long time but I’ve also had years of drifting in and out of church. I’m absolutely convinced about the Lord Jesus being my saviour through an encounter I had with him many many years ago in London whilst alone in a park. But I’ve had years of having one foot in and one foot out of the Faith (or so it has seemed).

Will you please pray that the sentiment and emotion I felt whilst listening to pastor Judah will take root and I’ll finally be able to live how the Lord wants me to and will you also thank pastor Judah for being so direct and sincere with that wonderful message he shared. I’m based in the West Midlands and searched the Internet to find where this pastor is from. I believe that prayer changes things and I also believe that sometimes it’s easier to share things with strangers rather than those closest to us. I’m parked up in Bristol at the moment typing this email and just wanted to share my thoughts.

Matt, Dudley, West Midlands