Birthday Messages

Some very special people are helping us celebrate our Silver Jubilee today by wishing us a Happy 25th Birthday by video! Watch all the wonderful messages below! 

"Thank you for all that you have given over those 25 years to help the church in its life and witness" - Bishop Paul Butler 

Happy 25th Birthday from Dave Bilbrough!

Happy 25th Birthday from The Rt Revd Dr Emma Ineson

 Congratulations and may blessings on your 25th Birthday - Bishop John Keenan

I simply pray that God will continue to use you and continue to speak to and through those people who tune in. -  Rev Phil Jump

I want to congratulate everyone at Premier on your 25th Birthday! - Paul Harcourt

Congratulations on reaching 25 years and I hope you make it to 50! - David Robertson

Happy Birthday for 25 years - Todd Galberth

Happy 25th Birthday Premier Christian Radio! - Jeff Lucas

 We want to congratulate Premier Christian Radio for their 25 years of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through the airways - New Wine

A very Happy 25th Birthday!

Someone heard we're 25 years old now! Mr. Talkbox