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Happy to give

Andrea from Durham discovered there really is joy in giving


Happy to give or give and be happy?

Personally, when I turn on Premier its uncanny how I hear something that seems to be just for me: that song’s for me, or the words are for me, or that joke’s for me, just to uplift my day.

So, I’ve been prompted to give this time by everyone else’s  giving.

I’ve listened to Premier over the years and I’ve not been able to give. But you’ve never made me feel bad that I wasn’t able to give. So, I’ve been blessed by people giving and hopefully, now I’ve been able bless others by playing a little part.

And my best advice would be to keep giving! Do you know what once I’d hit that send button,  I just felt really happy, joyous even!

The Bible says that God likes hilarious givers (or happy givers)  and that’s exactly how it made me feel.

Andrea, Durham

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