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‘I found Premier and returned to God in prison.’

Kingsley Karikari found Premier and God at a very low moment in his life.


I was sent to Pentonville Prison in June 2019, after being convicted of using some false documents when I shouldn’t have. I was aged 44, had grown up as Christian in my home country of Ghana but hadn’t been taking my faith seriously for many years.

My sentence was 10 months and about halfway through my time, I had a small radio, listening to songs, and one afternoon after chapel, I was lying down. I was struggling with the dial and randomly tuned in to Premier. That was my first time and they were playing nice music, and I was so touched that I carried on listening. I remember that someone gave a short sermon (I am not sure of his name). Again, something touched me and so I carried on listening. I found that Premier Praise was just a little way along on the dial from Premier Christian Radio and that became the station I would listen to. I had to position the radio high in the cell to get a better reception and there it stayed. I shared a cell with a Nigerian Christian and we would listen together.

When I came out of prison I discovered that I wasn’t afraid of anything. I was able to sign on for benefits and come home and feel peace. I continued to listen to Premier Praise and have upgraded to now use an app on my phone to listen. I also listen on the telly and still have the small radio I used in my prison cell.

I am earning now, working in the construction industry and so pleased to be able to make a monthly contribution to Premier. I am so grateful to everyone at Premier and to God for bringing me to Premier. It has changed my life and I believe there is no chance of me slipping back to the way things were.

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