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Reaching Out

Elise is delighted to be supporting a ministry that reaches millions with the Gospel


Premier is a real backbone. I am a Christian. I go to a church, I have friends, but I live on my own and it provides me with company. The teaching and worship are just so uplifting.

I support Premier Christian Radio financially, because I feel it’s a huge outreach. And I would say there are people who fit two categories.

Those like myself, who get uplifted and fed spiritually and encouraged and enabled to look things that are from a different angle when the news is so bad.

Then I’m sure there are people out there who are lost and searching. And they may be flicking through the radio channels, and they come upon Premier Christian Radio, and maybe find salvation through the words.

There are testimonies of people who found the Lord through listening to Premier Christian Radio and I believe it’s available in other countries because occasionally they have other people from around the world dialling in or I’ve heard it in the past.

So it’s a huge evangelistic tool and that’s one reason I support because I want others to find the Lord and to be fed and uplifted like I am.


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