Alison’s leaving a legacy

Take part in the Kingdom Work


Hello, everyone, my name is Alison,

I’m a retired doctor and I have put a legacy in my Will for Premier.

Now many of us don’t like talking about when we die and making our Wills. But I believe that the Lord has given us money and assets, to be used as a tool for extending His kingdom, for helping the poor and needy, and for sharing His love and grace with everyone.

Many of us feel that we haven’t done enough in this way – in bringing people to know the Lord Jesus Christ for themselves. But through broadcasting, through publications and through events, we can partner with Premier to take part in that Kingdom Work.

Even after we have gone to glory ourselves, those tools that we have put into the hands of organisations that work for the Lord, like Premier Christian radio, can go on working to extend His kingdom.

Let’s do it!

God bless you.

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